Unboxing 12017, yeah not 2017 📦 Issue #43





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Unboxing 12017, yeah not 2017 📦 Issue #43
By Online and Kicking • Issue #43 • View online
Why do we constrain ourselves to the Gregorian calendar if we as humans are waaaay longer active creating awesome stuff in the world? 
The Human Era (HE) scheme was first proposed by scientist Cesare Emiliani in 1993. He wanted to add a 1 to our calendar, making it the Holecene calendar. Actually a pretty great idea! 
Why do we underplay 10.000 years of human progress? Next to that, the reported birth of Jesus is a less universally relevant epic event. 
I’m wishing people around me a happy 12017, not 2017 👋
For me this is already an amazing year, completely going full time with Wildcard! We connect people at campuses, connecting people where they need it, let me know if you, yeah you want to meet more great people at the place you work or learn.
I’m reviving this weekly email update again, because this issue is now beyond #42. I share stuff I find interesting to share with you, updates from Wildcard and the stories I write. 
All the best, Milan

A New History for Humanity: The Human Era (HE)
Hoe doe je 'Privacy by Design'?
At least SOMEBODY cares about net neutrality
Jan Jongboom prevents an Internet of Shit
Shall I add a comic next time? ;) 
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