Microsoft Defender Weekly Wrap - Issue #49



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Microsoft Defender Weekly Wrap
Microsoft Defender Weekly Wrap - Issue #49
By Microsoft Defender Weekly Wrap • Issue #49 • View online
Happy Friday everyone!
I don’t know about you, but I love this time of year. Where I am, in Ohio, the leaves are vibrant colors this year and the trees are getting pretty bare. I love all the things about the cold, the holiday events, everything. It’s just a good time of year.
The Microsoft Defender for Endpoint team would like to hear your feedback about our product and features that are important for your organization.
We invite you to provide feedback, which will be used to help drive feature development for the next semester. 
The survey is available at: and will be open until October 28th, 2022.
I spent an evening in Cleveland, Ohio on Tuesday. Many of you are aware of the recent announcement about a Tanium/Microsoft partnership. In its early stages, this partnership has exhibited itself in a Tanium Solution (in the Content hub) for Microsoft Sentinel, enabling Sentinel to take advantage the diverse and valuable signals the Tanium agent collects.
I sat around a dinner table in the basement at the Marble Room in Cleveland with several key CISOs and CTOs of the local area discussing the partnership in a round table event. The four-hour event produced some excellent conversation and those in attendance agree that this partnership has a lot of potential.
A few of the things that really stuck out to me were this:
  1. Organizations see Microsoft as a security leader
  2. Organizations would love better integration with partner offerings, i.e., allow a snap-in framework so partner offerings fit in existing consoles
  3. Many organizations have adopted a Microsoft-first strategy
  4. Defender and Sentinel lead interests at all of these organizations
  5. Organizations are struggling with unifying teams and tools
  6. Organizations are being tasked with doing more with what they already have
There are many other aspects of this partnership that will be made known in the coming months including some big benefits for Defender and other Microsoft products.
For those interested, we’re planning the next one of these in Milwaukee in December.
Stay tuned.
Talk soon.

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