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Microsoft Defender Weekly Wrap - Issue #40

Microsoft Defender Weekly Wrap
Microsoft Defender Weekly Wrap - Issue #40
By Microsoft Defender Weekly Wrap • Issue #40 • View online
Happy Friday, everyone! Thanks for your continued support for this community and this newsletter.
We’ve had a flurry of new subscribers this week, so I want to welcome all the new readers. I hope this community effort meets and exceeds your expectations.
I noted in the last issue that I’ll be heading off for a true vacation in the near future and there was a bit of hesitancy about whether the newsletter would deliver during that time. Those that have been here for a while know that this newsletter delivers every Friday without fail and has not missed an issue since the beginning.
I want to take a quick moment to thank those that have reached out to offer help and also make a big public, formal THANK YOU to my colleague Andrea Fisher, who will be stepping in and building and delivering the newsletter in my absence. You all are in wonderful hands, and I might add, you’ll probably beg me not to come back. Andrea is awesome.
Many of you are already familiar with the Microsoft Security Insights show that myself and a few of my colleagues host each Wednesday evening. For those not familiar, the hour-long dialog show introduces guests from various areas within Microsoft and some of our partners. It delivers live starting at 5pm EST every Wednesday. For those that miss the live event and miss asking live questions, the replay is available immediately after and the audio is delivered as a podcast the week after.
As an example, the next episode (117) is on August 31st, and features Kara Cole (CxE Program Manager) and Kim Griffiths (Program Manager for CxE and CAT). You can subscribe to the YouTube channel or set a notification to be reminded here:
This one will be extra interesting as a recent guest, Gary Bushey, will be guest hosting. Kara is Gary’s manager. Imagine trying to interview your own boss on a podcast.
I say all that to say this, for those that have been following along recently you’ve seen some interesting changes. We’ve recently changed our streaming platform to deliver to more people at once and begun to delve deeper into other engagement areas. This is in preparation for a Microsoft Security Insights conference we’re planning in February 2023. More to come on that and, if this interests you, you can keep tabs on the updates in our just christened LinkedIn page:
Hey all, for a limited time, there’s a 20% discount on Must Learn KQL merch. Just enter KQLFRIENDS at checkout.
As always, all proceeds go to St. Jude
One last thought…
This week, forward this newsletter to at least one person. It could be a colleague, it could be a customer. Someone you know could benefit from it.
That’s it from me from this week.
Talk soon.
P.S. Yes…the wife is back from her vacation and I’m sleeping much, much better.

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