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Microsoft Defender Weekly Wrap - Issue #35

Microsoft Defender Weekly Wrap
Microsoft Defender Weekly Wrap - Issue #35
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Its Friday again and at least one thing holds true today like every week - the newsletter is on the wires.
My wife and my youngest daughter are on their annual girls’ trip to the Upper Peninsula (UP) this week which means a couple things:
  1. I miss them dearly and have come to the conclusion that everything I do is centered around them.
  2. I’ve been working way too much. With no one in the house except for the dog and myself, there’s no reason to shut down for the day.
  3. Due to the stress of missing them and burning the midnight hours, I’ve not slept really well. I’m tired.
I can’t wait for them return so everything can get back to normal.
This week we have another YAMS (Yet Another Microsoft Survey) for you. Has YAMS as an acronym caught on yet? Hmmm…I wonder.
Discovery of Serverless Compute Workloads in Multi-Cloud Environments 
The Serverless Security team is building comprehensive Serverless Security coverage for our customers to secure Serverless workloads across all environments (Azure, AWS, GCP, on-premises). 
We are looking to learn what types of AWS/GCP workloads you have to help us understand what runtimes, configurations, or services to target first for our security scenarios. 
Among all the myriad of cool things that the Must Learn KQL series has birthed, there’s now also a Community Discussion board available. So, in addition to chatting with me for KQL questions on Twitter and LinkedIn, you can now also hit up the Must Learn KQL community.
Well, that’s it for me this week. I’d say I was looking forward to the weekend but that still means there’s 3 days left before my wife comes home. I’ll make it. I’m sure of it.
Talk soon.

Things to Have
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