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Microsoft Defender Weekly Wrap - Issue #32

Microsoft Defender Weekly Wrap
Microsoft Defender Weekly Wrap - Issue #32
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Good Friday everyone!
This Friday is especially exciting for me as I’m taking a larger chunk of my time off in one fell swoop. As of today, I’m out of office until July 11th. As the Microsoft fiscal year closes and the next one opens, this is a great time to rest, reflect and reenergize for the busy year ahead.
I’ll still be stopping in from time-to-time. As I’ve said, I enjoy my work so it’s not a burden for me to sneak away and catch up on things. I truly enjoy it.
My manager asked me this past week about what was on my mind. I’ll tell you what I told him – nothing. With the fiscal year at an end and a week off to enjoy friends and family, I’ve spent the last few days emptying my inbox and my thoughts.
So, as such, I don’t have a lot to share this week. There’s a lot of wonderful newsletter content and sometimes that’s enough.
Talk to you all soon.

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