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💻 What's new this week (24th - 28th August)

Michael Brooks
Michael Brooks
Hi all, I’ve decided to change how I write my newsletters. Instead of copying/pasting Friday’s blog post into my newsletter, I decided it would be best to write more on my blog and share all of the updates here. This means I can post as frequently as I would like to, and you can choose what you’d like to read.
If you like the sound of this, then I can’t wait for you to read below. Also, if you have any feedback and any suggestions, then you can send me an email or add comments on the newsletter in Substack using the button below.
Changing up how I share with my community
Find out how my blog and newsletter will be changing over time. More blog posts will be created each week, and my newsletter will have a summary of what I’ve been posting, and what I’ve found interesting. Read more >>>
Focus Keeper is an extraordinarily brilliant Pomodoro Timer
Find out how you can stay productive using a Pomodoro timer. Read more >>>
What have I been up to?
This week has been pretty tough for me, first off work has been full of u-turns (much like our government rules). For the current project I’ve been working on, I’ve had to use Microsoft Graph, which is an API that allows you to connect to all their services Outlook, Office, SharePoint etc. It’s been one hell of a rollercoaster ride, but I think we’re getting close to having a resolution, and I might also write a useful blog post about it.
Articles and people I’ve found useful this week
People on Twitter
Phil Sturgeon - Cycling around the world talking climate action and tech. Working on reforestation and API design! - Twitter link
Holly Brockwell - “A flash in the pan” according to some guy. Tech journo, writer, Freelance Head of Content at @Jimmy_Wales’ new thing. - Twitter Link
Sky Brown learns the “mega ramp” - Twitter Link
YouTube Videos
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Michael Brooks
Michael Brooks @mbrooksuk

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