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Michael Brooks
Michael Brooks
👋 Friends, how are you doing this week?
I really hope your week has been great so far. It seems like a lot of people are struggling with their mental health. Please stay safe and look after yourself.
I’ve had three job interviews, and I’m hoping for some good news to come this way.

Battling serious anxiety
In last week’s issue, I mentioned Twitter Spaces and how I’m trying to use it as much as possible to battle through my anxieties. Chris Do hosted his first Space, and I decided to join as a listener. He was a great host and had a lovely soothing voice which helped me decide to come up as a speaker. There were over 100 listeners in the room, and it was pretty nerve-wracking. We spoke about his room, and he asked me why people were able to talk straight away. I went through why, and then he asked what I thought about his room as I had a purple dot near my name. The purple dot is to show people that you can host rooms. I can host, but I have yet to host my room.
I told Chris that he was doing well, and his room was lovely. I then asked him if he suffers anxiety and what does he do to battle it? He gave me some great information, such as knowing that you can rarely change a person’s opinion of you, and you should learn to accept that. Change your mindset to care less about what other’s think, and it’s the start of your journey for battling anxiety.
It was nice to learn that even though he has a huge fan base and he always seems calm, he also goes through anxiety just like the rest of us. Not everyone is confident, and it’s rare for someone to start as a confident person. It all begins with a nervous, anxious person wanting to get better with themselves, and it’s down to us to keep battling through it. If you are consistent with your changes, then you will win in the end.
I will continue to join people’s spaces as a speaker and eventually host my very own. I’m hopeful that I will be a great host in time and help others in similar situations.
Please take a look at his video on reinventing yourself. It’s also the reason why he started his Space. To talk about and discuss what the video covered and to ask questions.
Reinventing Yourself (2021)– Obstacles Are Opportunities In Disguise
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Amazing Achievements...
Damon managed to get his product unexpectedly listed on Product Hunt and has made it to the number one product of the day. He also managed to get over $1,000 MRR and has left his job to focus on his projects. Great job, Damon!
Damon Chen on Twitter:
I hope to see you next week!
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Michael Brooks
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