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Michael Brooks
Michael Brooks
👋 Friends, how are you doing this week?
Last weeks issue had a slight subject change, and I received some constructive feedback. The subject doesn’t matter. What matters is who the email is coming from and whether you have built trust with your audience. It was the best feedback I have received so far, and I hope it can help some of you too.

CJ Chilvers on Twitter:
CJ is a great writer, and I have been reading his blog posts for a very long time.
As the weather gets better, remember to go for walks and enjoy nature
Taking a walk with Tiff at Rora Wood, Liverton
Taking a walk with Tiff at Rora Wood, Liverton
As the temperature rises and the skies turn blue, it’s a good time to get outside and enjoy nature. A five-minute walk each day can have massive benefits to your physical and mental health, and it can help you to refocus. My wife and I have been walking more, and we can feel big improvements in our moods, depression and anxiety. We tend to go out in the evenings but the days are starting to last longer, which we are very grateful for. It’s not often we get to spend time outside together as we both work full-time and fill most of our free time staying indoors and binging Netflix or Disney+.
Going for a walk outside is a great way to break up from the monotony, and you will probably find there’s a lot of places nearby which you haven’t explored before. Listening to nature, seeing other people (distanced apart) without masks, and greeting them is always a pleasure. It’s like a little self-reset and makes me happier to get back to work the next day. Work can certainly get a little tiresome for most, so it’s great to walk away and come back fresh.
Walking has also improved my leg mobility. I work full-time sitting at a desk, and I don’t take any time out to walk or stretch. It’s entirely my fault, but walking has really helped stretch my limbs, and there’s less pain than before I started walking. There are too many great benefits to not take some time out for walking, and I encourage you to go out there and start walking!
Have you changed anything recently to help your personal wellbeing?
I’d love to know and would love to share your experiences in a future newsletter to help others.
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Things I’m Learning
I purchased an ebook a while back called “The Ultimate Traffic Guide” by WordPress. It’s currently on sale for $17, and you can find out more here. It’s a great read for anyone who wants to start a blog or website and gain traffic. I learned a lot, and I think you could too.
Amazing Achievements
natalie mitchell on Twitter:
CryptoAdam on Twitter:
Cool Projects
I discovered this project from a tweet made by Soheil, and it’s really nice. You connect your Spotify profile up to the website, and it creates a really nice public Spotify profile that showcases what you’re listening to now, most listened to artists/playlists and more. There’s some customisation, with more coming soon.
checkeredmichael – volt
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Have a great week all!
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