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Michael Brooks
Michael Brooks
👋 to all my lovely readers. If you’re reading this in your inbox and you’re wondering why it’s because you originally subscribed to my newsletter on Substack. I have now moved to Revue because of the Twitter partnership, and it looks like a much better publishing platform overall. If you’re interested at all, you can take a look at their privacy policy.
I will be taking this one more seriously, and ask that you, please bear with me while I find my feet of getting a right mix of conversational, and link-based content.
The newsletter will still be a weekly occurrence but I’m thinking of sending it out on a Thursday at 8pm GMT time. You can easily let me know your thoughts by replying to this email, and I will certainly take it on board.

Since then, it’s been a while since my last official newsletter, and I don’t think I need to post every article. If you would like to browse any articles which aren’t listed, then you can head straight to my blog.
Latest Blog Posts
Celebrating pancake day the only way I know how | Michael Brooks
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Articles I've Read
Here is a list of articles I’ve read over the past week that I think you may find interesting. Zen Habits is a personal favourite blog, and I’ve been trying a few of their recommendations to improve myself further.
Unstuck: Create a New Path for Yourself - zen habits zen habits
A Simple 2021 Reboot — My Short Letter to a Friend Who Wants to Get In Shape – The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss
Podcasts I'm Listening To
The Meaningful Money Podcast is UK based. If you’re outside of the UK, then it might not be valuable to you. However, he does explain a lot about pensions, debt, and more which has been very handy.
The Meaningful Money Personal Finance Podcast | Podcast on Spotify
Tim Ferriss is a great guy with so much valuable content. I have two of his books (Tools of Titans, and 4-Hour Work Week). I have learnt a lot from him, and his guests who star on each episode of his podcast. He’s definitely worth a listen if you haven’t done so already.
The Tim Ferriss Show - Tim Ferriss: Bestselling Author, Human Guinea Pig
Things I’m learning
HarpGL is a 3d web rendering engine that works in JavaScript. You can do all sorts with it, and I’m currently looking into it for my work. Hopefully, I can let you know more very soon.
HarpGL Documentation
Fun Projects
Kingdom | A place for entrepreneurs to play, connect and share.
If you enjoyed this episode, please feel free to subscribe and please use the thumbs up/down below to give feedback. I’d love to hear from my readers and want to improve in any way possible.
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Michael Brooks
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