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The rule of 100 - Weekly newsletter of 💻 Michael Brooks - Issue #9

Michael Brooks
Michael Brooks
👋 friends. How are you on this fine week? I’m hoping March was good for you.
This week has been reasonably positive, and I’m looking forward to what April brings. The Sun is shining for longer, and it’s getting warmer each day.

The rule of 100
This week, I spent some time reading an article on finding your niche in the creator economy. The main part that stuck out to me was Noah Kagan’s video which talks about “The Rule of 100”. The rule of 100 can literally be anything. If you write a blog, create 100 posts or gain 100 followers. If you’re on YouTube then create 100 videos or gain 100 subscribers or record 100 hours of footage. It can also move over to streaming, gaming, literally anything you enjoy doing, and want to find your niche.
When you create these rules of 100, you can be as open and experimental as possible. The more you experiment, the better because you can find what’s working and what isn’t. It’s the perfect moment to figure out your reader’s or viewer’s habits, and monitor what they like/dislike and discuss on. When you figure out what your audience or community is doing, then you can start to figure out what to niche into.
How to ACTUALLY Stick to Your Goals and Routines
This leads to an interesting presentation which talks about creating newsletters. The newsletter guide tech shows how you can create a free newsletter with no niche and turn that into multiple paid newsletters which focus on a specific niche.
For now, I’m going to focus on posting 100 blog posts on my personal blog (you can read more below). I will also focus on sticking to posting weekly with this newsletter. Both will be completely nicheless, and I will begin to experiment and find what works for me.
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