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Sometimes you need to move backward in order to move forward

Michael Brooks
Michael Brooks
Hello newsletter friends! If you’re reading this and wondering how you got here, then you subscribed to my old Substack newsletter, which has been abandoned for this Revue newsletter.
It’s been 2 months since my last email was sent out, and for that, I apologise. My head has been buzzing with rubbish and I felt I needed to take a break and refocus my efforts.

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This week I have been reading “The Obstacle is the way” by Ryan Holiday. His books have been recommended to me by the excellent Chris Do, with who I had the privilege of speaking. One chapter that spoke out to me “Use obstacles against themselves” because I have done it in the past. I have also written blog posts on similar situations as well. I’ve finished the book and highly recommend you take a look if you’re into self-help.
Michael Brooks on Twitter:
Michael Brooks on Twitter:
I’ve gone backward many times in the past in order to move forward once again. I’m sure many other’s have also done the same and probably without realising it as well. You might think it’s a silly thing to do but you have to do what works for you in order to keep on moving.
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@ArunKapur333 created a poem called “Being” that was read aloud by @EMCWritesPoetry. - Listen here.
@8BIT and his team released YEN on Product Hunt, which he’s been working on for over 4 years.
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Restarting my personal podcast
That’s right. I have a podcast. It’s actually been hanging around for a while, but I took a massive break. It’s getting restarted, and I’d love for you to take a listen and hopefully subscribe, too. You can check it out here!
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Michael Brooks
Michael Brooks @mbrooksuk

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