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Finish one rep short!

Michael Brooks
Michael Brooks
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I’ve been dealing with a lot of anxiety due to losing my brother, but I have finished six weeks of cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) which has worked great. I have also read a fantastic book called The Practice of Groundedness. The book has helped me determine my values and goals and what habits I need to create to keep myself grounded.
I have restarted my YouTube channel and will slowly be releasing new content. There is no schedule. It will be released based on “when I feel ready”, so there’s no pressure to post.
I think you get my point. One thing that stuck out with me on The practice of Groundedness is finishing one rep short. He says it doesn’t have to relate to workouts but can also connect to your personal life. If you’re writing a blog post, don’t finish that last sentence until the next day. Leave a paragraph for the next day if you’re reading a book.
It works as well because I usually write and publish my blog posts on the same day, but I decided to stop a sentence before and start writing the next day, and it became the longest and most descriptive blog post I’ve written in such a long time. The overwhelming feeling I usually feel when writing stopped, and I started to feel joy!
The same principle is also applied to this latest newsletter issue. I would typically write it all out in a day and schedule or send it as soon as I finished. However, while writing this issue, I’ve stopped multiple times over the past week and come back with even more to write and share.
While you’re working and getting your reps in, remember to stop one rep short and take a break. Come back, and continue with the work because you will feel a difference. You don’t have to leave it a day. It could be five minutes while you take a walk or make a tea or coffee. The idea is to go away and come back with fresh eyes and a fresh mind.
The book also suggests regularly moving because it can help clear your mind and give you better clarity for your work. Go for a quick walk around your house, stretch out your body or bounce up and down! Anything to create blood flow around your body and increase dopamine will help you think more clearly.
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Michael Brooks
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