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Do we need to think of a better subject title? | Weekly newsletter of 💻 Michael Brooks - Issue #3

Michael Brooks
Michael Brooks
👋 You wonderful readers. I hope you’ve had an awesome week. Anyone watching WandaVision? The last episode was incredible, and things are starting to make more sense.
Also, there’s been a Mortal Kombat trailer that looks epic. The CGI and gore stay true to the MK game franchise, and most characters are acted out well. A few people were a little disappointed to hear Scorpion’s “come over here” voice, but I thought it was good. I’m very excited, and I can’t wait to get back to the cinema.
Speaking of cinemas, it’s been over a year since my last visit, and the last movie was Sonic the Hedgehog (highly recommended). It’s crazy to think where we are now since COVID spread across the world. What was the last movie you watched in the cinema, and are you itching to get back again?

Latest blog posts
Would you look at that? I made more than 1 blog post this week. Hopefully these may catch your interest. 😄
Why You Should Have a Post-COVID Wishlist | Michael Brooks
WordPress has partnered with Anchor | Michael Brooks
Articles I’ve read
Are blogs dead in 2021? I certainly hope not!
Things I’m learning
Domain-Driven Development or DDD is a concept that’s been around a while. However, it’s a fairly new topic with PHP developers and it’s something I’ve been meaning to dig into. Brent is a great developer with a lot of knowledge. If you’re looking into DDD then I recommend you check out the resource below.
01. Domain oriented Laravel -
People’s amazing achievements
Rosie Sherry has made the fantastic achievement of reaching over $10,000 in preorders for her Rosieland HQ course. She’s an awesome creator who is teaching others how to build and grow their communities.
Rosie Sherry ☁️ on Twitter:
Phil Sturgeon is a hero who is trying to help our planet by planting trees. He has created his own charity called Protect Earth and is always looking out for more donations. This week, he got a group of people to help plant 1,600 trees, hopefully growing big and strong.
Tree Sturgeon 🔥🚴‍♂️🌳 on Twitter:
Interesting Podcasts
If you’re on Twitter to grow an audience but you’re struggling, take a look at the podcast below. I was stuck in a constant state of gaining and losing followers which led to me being “stuck”. After listening to this podcast episode, I learned how to be more helpful and gain more followers.
Martin Thouroude on Twitter:
That's all folks!
You’ve made it to the end of this issue, and I really hope you enjoyed the content. Please feel free to rate this issue using the links below next to “Did you enjoy this issue?”. Any feedback given will be massively appreciated. However, it is completely optional.
I hope to see you next week. Keep being awesome!
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Michael Brooks
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