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Changes Are Happening! - Community Newsletter - Issue #23

Michael Brooks
Michael Brooks
Hello newsletter friends! If you’re reading this and wondering how you got here, then you may have subscribed to my old Substack newsletter, which has been abandoned for this Revue newsletter.
It’s been a while since I sent out a newsletter to you, but I am still here. I’m moving away from a “weekly newsletter”, and I’ll update you when I can. A lot is going on, and I need to work on spreading out my content better.
There’s a podcast episode you can listen to, but the short story is that I’m posting too much, and it’s taking a toll on my mental health. I tried to post daily on my Blog while making daily podcast episodes, and I had no time for my newsletter. This will all change in different ways, and I’m not sure how it’s going to work, but I’ll continue to experiment. If you have any suggestions, then I’d love to hear them! Reply to this email, or respond on Twitter.

What's New?
I finished reading Atomic Habits, and it was a fantastic read with lots of golden nuggets. I especially love the 2-minute where you set a time (it doesn’t have to be 2-minutes) and then start doing a specific task within that time. I chose to journal for 10-minutes every day, and some days, I’d journal for less, while other days, I would journal for longer. It doesn’t really matter as long as you start the task you wanted to get done.
There is so much more in the book that you wouldn’t want to miss if you’re looking to build good habits and remove old ones.
How to Be Great? Just Be Good, Repeatably
The above link talks about the 1% rule which Atomic Habits talks about. It’s an in-depth blog post and one I love rereading.
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Amazing Achievements
If you’d like to share your own achievements, you can do so by replying to this newsletter or @ me on my Twitter account, and I’ll share them in next week’s issue.
Taryn created a brand new blog and has released a handful of posts. Including interviews with many creators, which have been great to read. Please check out her new blog.
John (the creator of has created a daily live show on YouTube.
Craig Burgess has a newsletter and podcast series talking about Wednesdays. He’s been very consistent despite being ill, and I love how he adds a touch of community in each episode.
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Other Ways to Stay in Touch
I have created a Discord server and a subreddit community in which you’re all welcome to join and participate. You can leave feedback or reply to this issue, and I will reply. I’m always open to feedback and discussion and encourage everyone to get in touch in some way.
If you enjoy my content and wish to support me, you can buy me a coffee over at Ko-Fi.
Have a good weekend, and I hope you stay tuned for the next issue!
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Michael Brooks
Michael Brooks @mbrooksuk

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