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Seeking Meta - Issue #1: What is "The Meta?"

Thanks for checking out the inaugural edition of Seeking Meta. If you’ve been following my Twitter account, you’ll hopefully have read some of my threads where I detail my extensive thoughts on what I call “The Meta.”

Understanding "The Meta"
I outlined some rough thoughts on one aspect of The Meta in my first Tweet thread you can read here:
What is The Meta?

Ever played League of Legends? Every time a new patch comes out, a new "Meta" is "discovered", which means certain characters and teamwork strategies become over-powered. This can be seen by win-rate statistics generated as games are played post-patch changes.
The use of the word “meta” in video games is to denote the current optimal playing strategy or characters that have “emerged” with a recent patch to the game. The “meta” has mathematically superior win-rate vs other strategies and character choices.
Modern games like League of Legends have websites that intricately track game statistics, so you can see the meta visually (check out: for an example). If you are serious about getting good at these games, you would study these game statistics and build your gameplay style around the mathematically superior winning styles.
Life is a game governed by rules
Compare this “meta” concept in video games to life now. Life is essentially a game. It has different payoffs depending on which strategy you choose. There’s no website we can view, however, to determine which method is the best play style.
What career do you choose? What type of spouse do you pursue? How do you raise your kids? What food do you eat?
Many options, different payoffs. String together a bunch of these incorrectly, and you’ll be confined to an unenjoyable life.
What determines payoff, or enjoyment? This is a key concept: our biology does. Our biology is crafted for a specific set of inputs, whether it’s stimuli to the senses or the type of food you ingest.
The nature of evolution dictates all of our faculties and biological/psychological systems are crafted with an optimal use in mind. They have to be. The trick with our bodies and minds is that they are always in an intricate relationship with inputs from the environment. If the inputs are wrong, our faculties and systems will not express optimally.
The concept to think about here is “optimal genetic expression.” Our genes are dependent on the stimuli from the environment. If it’s the correct type of input, we’ll express an optimal output.
For example, we are designed for a certain frequency of meals due to evolution (roughly speaking). If we feed ourselves more than the optimal amount of meals, we will start to express non-optimally. Over the long-term, you’ll start to express insulin resistance, and eventually diabetes. Our genes will express these maladapted outcomes, but they are designed to optimally express the opposite, so long as we provide the correct inputs.
Consider an extreme alteration of the environment, like traveling in a space shuttle without gravity. When we have the input of gravity, we will express muscular development, flexibility, strength. Without it, our body literally deteriorates. This is all controlled by our genetics, it’s just that they are now expressing in a non-optimal way that is devastating.
You may have heard this saying before:
“Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution” by Theodosius Dobzhansky
This is pointing out that our genetic optimal expression is determined by the long process of evolution. This is the objective optimum by which our outcomes are measured against. By objective I’m referring to “objective vs subjective.” This optimum is designed into us, literally, it is not a choice, we cannot avoid it. Drink motor oil, experience non-optimal genetic expression. Eat fatty meat, experience optimal genetic expression.
The meaning of "Seeking Meta"
As I’ve been pointing out on my Twitter account, I refer to the different evolutionary paradigms that have altered our objective evolutionary optimum in distinct ways as “Metas.”
I detailed each major Evolutionary Meta in a Tweet thread here:
The Meta: Timeline Overview

This timeline outlines the different evolutionary paradigms that humans have gone through.

These paradigms explain why and humans act and feel the way they do, and ultimately provide a map on how to get in balance with how we are designed.
All these Metas combine into the overall concept of “The Meta.” Seeking Meta refers to the on-going endeavour of discovering, mapping, and applying principles derived from this type of meta analysis. The ultimate goal to figure out The Meta that best fits for the modern human.
Seeking Meta is derived from “Seeking God.” The way I see it, the multi-faceted concept of The Meta, once fully explored in all its avenues, is much like the concept of God. God, in a way, is a masculine personification of “The Meta.” If “The Meta” could speak to us, it would sound like God. The Bible is like a “Living Meta,” that was given to us through “divine revelation.”
When you understand the Bible is often a primitive people’s attempt to reconcile an evolved Paleolithic nature (that they cannot understand but only feel/intuit) with a Neolithic social environment, it starts to make a lot more sense.
The Meta is evolution, religion, evolutionary biology & psychology, game theory, and tribal social dynamics all wrapped into one massive concept.
Lessons from a decade in health
My interest in this concept spawned from 10 years running a fitness and nutrition studio that initially focused on dieting using the principles of the paleo diet.
I can honestly say the transformations that occurred when I would move a client from a modern diet towards a paleo diet can only be described as a miracle. Complete reversions of major modern diseases would occur within weeks to months. Diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, obesity, hypothyroid, and likely even cancer, being reversed rapidly via pursuing the correct inputs. The body was simply returning to the objective genetic optimum that is there in every person by design when inputs are correct.
It made me realize there lies dormant a genetic optimum in every person, that will not express itself unless the correct inputs are pursued. After doing this for a while, I realized nutrition is just scratching the surface of what we’re adapted for.
During the nonsense of the pandemic, I decided to sell my studio because I didn’t feel a physical location had enough sovereignty these days. I’d prefer to pursue teaching people health online.
My current mission is to get all my thoughts down as much as possible, inviting criticism and debate, and fleshing out a beta version of “The Meta” that I can assemble in a book.
You can read my first foray into covering the different areas beyond nutrition that the Meta can apply, starting with the Eden Meta:

What's responsible for the beginning of the world, evolution or creation?

I've heard these arguments for years, but what if they're the same thing?
The Meta is open-source
The Meta is a living idea. It is open-source. After you’ve read a few of my threads, you start to get the overall idea. It is something that can be added to, subtracted from, all in an effort to figure out the best fit for why we have certain genetic optimums and how to implement them in our life properly.
The Meta is an open source concept. I consider it in “alpha” stage right now, and needs to trigger a lot of people and go through a cleansing process by fire.

What should emerge is distilled explanations with least amount of assumptions

It’s never static, always improving.
I invite you to take part in this process with me. Hopefully we can master The Meta together.
Thanks for reading!
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Extracting and applying the Meta

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