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Decluttering and a new freebie - (Messy Desk #2)

From My Messy Desk
As I write this, it’s semi-annual decluttering time in the Jones household. For the last year or more, we’ve hired someone to come in and clean every other week. This year, we’ve hired her to come for a couple of days to move furniture and do a serious deep cleaning. Delegating can mean hiring someone (“Throw money at the problem,” as one of my friends likes to say) but it doesn’t have to be. The post Delegation as a Life Skill explores the topic in more detail.
Because some things simply can’t be delegated, I’m on a Pomodoro break from cleaning out my closet right now. Have you used the Pomodoro technique to help you focus? I used the Pomodoro Timer and Here’s What Happened is my deep dive into using the technique and what works (and doesn’t) for me. Spoiler: I like it better for physical tasks like cleaning my closet than for more flow-oriented mental tasks.
I’ve been busy this month–I also just rolled out my email course on Messy Planning. If you didn’t buy a copy of The Messy Planner (or even if you did), this free course will lay out the basics of the plan to get you started using your own planner. Sign up for the course.
Thanks for hanging out with me again this month!

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