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From My Messy Desk
I love new and shiny things. A new tool or strategy can blast through procrastination for me, and I’ve learned to leverage that new-and-shiny effect.
Not long ago, we bought a new washer recently our old one died. Ever since we bought that washer, laundry has been more fun. I get to use the new washer and learn how its cycles work and play with all the buttons. This effect won’t last forever, but it’s now about six months out (I just looked it up–I was writing about making laundry easier at the time). At six months old, the washer isn’t very new, but as long as I still think of it as the “new washer,” I can enjoy laundry just a bit more.
That strategy is an example of using my strengths to my advantage. Love of learning and curiosity are two of my signature strengths and both of them glom onto anything new. I have to be careful to balance those with perseverance, which is not a signature strength, but one I often draw on.
This newsletter platform is the newest and shiniest of the tools I’m playing with at Messy Desk Consulting. I’ll spare you the details, but the way I was sending out emails was clunky. Revue is much easier to use and to integrate with other programs. With the new platform, I will be sending out newsletters more regularly again. Plan on at least one non-member newsletter a month.
Yeah, so…membership.
Members will receive all sorts of bonus materials that won’t be available to non-members. Video and email-based mini-courses are currently in the planning stage. Some of these will be free to members. You’ll also get deeply discounted coaching and master class opportunities and discounts on other Messy Desk publications and products. Everything is aimed at making your life easier. All for $5 a month.
Honestly, I hope you become a member because it will help me leave my day job sooner. No day job for me means more fun stuff for you.
Enough marketing…here are some recent articles I’ve written and a few interesting and useful bits from around the web.

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From My Messy Desk Explores inconsistent organization, messy productivity, and a happy life. It is the official publication of Messy Desk Consulting, where we embrace neurodiversity and proclaim that every person is unique and valued. We share self-help content knowing that no solution is universal and only trial and error will help you find what works for your unique brain.

We're building a tribe of open-minded Messies who want to bridge the gap between wanting to do things and actually doing them. "Just do it this way" doesn't work. You have to "do you," to know your individual strengths and challenges, and to use an experimental mindset to learn what works for you best.

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