From My Messy Desk

From My Messy Desk

By Marie Jones

From My Messy Desk Explores inconsistent organization, messy productivity, and a happy life. It is the official publication of Messy Desk Consulting, where we embrace neurodiversity and proclaim that every person is unique and valued. We share self-help content knowing that no solution is universal and only trial and error will help you find what works for your unique brain.

We're building a tribe of open-minded Messies who want to bridge the gap between wanting to do things and actually doing them. "Just do it this way" doesn't work. You have to "do you," to know your individual strengths and challenges, and to use an experimental mindset to learn what works for you best.

Our main goal is to help make your life easier so that you can spend your time and energy doing whatever it is you care about most. Especially if tidying is not one of those things.

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