A newsletter about art and design from the desk of Daniel Benneworth-Gray.

A newsletter about art and design from the desk of Daniel Benneworth-Gray.

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Meanwhile, POP

Hello, hello. How’s your summer going? That question particularly aimed at all the home-working parents, who’ve suddenly had their routines and silences utterly obliterated. Concentration is completely out the window … as is my constant background of very lou…


Meanwhile. Love & Friendship

Hello, hello. The sun is shining, birds are chirping, ice cream vans are jingling, and here I am cutting and pasting hyperlinks into my computer so that you can be entertained for a few minutes. You’re very welcome.


Meanwhile, Martians

Hello, hello. Here’s this week’s link salad, featuring all the martians, lighthouses and typewriters necessary for a healthy diet.


Meanwhile, OutHorsed

Hello, hello. Another week, another email full of links to keep you distracted from the collapse of Western civilisation. If you enjoy these Meanwhile missives, do be sure to tell all of your friends and loved ones and colleagues and representatives. All of t…


Meanwhile, Peculiar Manicules

Hello, hello. Writing this week’s Meanwhile is an essential act, as for a few minutes it prevents me from obsessively tweaking my website. I’ve finally upgraded to Squarespace 7.1. It’s a brilliant tool for putting together a portfolio, but the lure of all th…


Meanwhile, Roosters Crow

Hello, hello. Here are seven things I found – or put – on the internet in the past week. Try not to enjoy them so much you tumble down some glorious internet rabbit hole; remember you’ve still got that important thing you need to do today.


Meanwhile, Stolen Kisses

Hello all! This week, I’m reverting back to a good old fashioned numbered link dump format for Meanwhile, because why the heck not? There be gold in them thar hyperlinks. So here you go, seven things I found on the internet this week:


Meanwhile, Sungi Mlengeya

I found Tanzanian artist Sungi Mlengeya’s paintings … okay so I forget where. She’s been living in my browser for six months, a monochromatic oasis of calm I’ll occasionally linger on while coasting from tab to tab. Her positive-as-negative use of space, as w…


Meanwhile, Rozenn Le Gall

I first discovered Rozenn Le Gall’s work on the cover of Rebeka Elizegi’s excellent collection Collage by Women; a simple but striking juxtaposition of face and feet. Immediate and distinctive, her pieces are particularly well-suited to book design; just one …

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Meanwhile, Matt Needle

First of all, as with a lot of designers, I’m familiar with your work but know very little about the person behind it – where are you based, what’s your background?I was born and raised just outside of Oxford, but moved to Wales for university about sixteen y…


Meanwhile, ABCD

It was a massive joy to attend the ninth ABCD (Academy of British Cover Design) awards last week, celebrating the best covers of the past year. Book design is a fantastic industry and community to work in, so any excuse for us all to converge on one place for…


Meanwhile, Beppe Giacobbe

Also …Couldn’t sign off without yet another plug for the new members-only editions of Meanwhile, featuring conversations with my favourite creative sorts about their work, influences, etcetera. For the price of a tolerable cup of coffee, you can upgrade your …

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Meanwhile, Craig Ward

So how did this project come about?My youngest daughter is in the process of learning to write, and I’ve always felt the way children are presented with alphabets is quite abstract in terms of one letter’s relationship to the next. As someone who works with a…


Meanwhile, B. D. Graft

I keep returning to this WePresent post from a few years ago – Is it mine if I add some yellow? – that features the work of Dutch artist B. D. Graft, who has … well, he’s added some yellow. It raises interesting questions about artistic ownership, copyright a…


Meanwhile, Gerald Brockhurst

Also …I’m about to start sending out a separate strand of members-only editions of Meanwhile, featuring conversations with my favourite creative sorts about their work, influences, breakfast, etcetera. I’ve got some wonderful people lined up for the first few…


Meanwhile, film posters

Breaking from the usual business of sharing inspirational art and design that I’ve stumbled upon in the course of my work and absolutely need to put in front someone, this week’s Meanwhile is a little showcase of posters I’ve designed for my own entertainment…


Meanwhile, John Gall

I’m slowly coming around to preferring the antiquated (but arguably more accurate) title commercial artist to designer. John Gall absolutely personifies this aspiration. A constant peruser of others’ portfolios, I’ve followed his book designs for years (his c…


Meanwhile, onlookers

I got drawn into deltiologist James Brouwer’s enormous postcard collection after watching Vox’s short film on his discovery that many of them feature the exact same sky. Delving further into his flickr albums, I found myself mesmerised by this set that identi…


Meanwhile, Katrien De Blauwer

Belgian collage artist – or as she describes herself, photographer without a camera – Katrien De Blauwer has taken up permanent residence in my tabs for the last couple of years. Drawing upon, or rather cutting up, a vast collection of vintage magazines, her …


Meanwhile, High School High

One more thing … For the price of a fairly decent coffee, you can support Meanwhile with a paid subscription. Patronage is massively appreciated, and helps keep the lights on, fires burning, etc. The regular weekly newsletter will always be free, but I’m plan…