By Daniel Benneworth-Gray

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A weekly newsletter about design, etc.

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Meanwhile – Issue #26 – Contacts

Whilst searching for something else – lord only knows what, my fragile mind only has so much RAM – I stumbled upon these fantastic Milton Greene portraits of Audrey Hepburn from 1951. One google led to another, and eventually I remembered that I actually have…


Meanwhile #25

Hello and welcome to a pile of carefully curated hyperlinked distractions about art and design and suchlike that will make you miss that important deadline you’ve been fretting about. You’re very welcome.


Meanwhile #24

Hello and welcome to this week’s Meanwhile, keeping you safe and calm with the comfort of hyperlinks while the fireworks go off outside.


Meanwhile #23

Hello! Here’s your recommended weekly allowance of design, art and creativity. Plus a big tiger.


Meanwhile #22

Hello reader, how are you? Here are some links to further clutter up your tabs for the foreseeable future. Kind of colour-coordinated again this week, completely accidental. Enjoy!


Meanwhile #21

This week’s pile o' links. I’ve been doing a spot of interviewing for Creative Review recently and now I’ve got the itch to interrogate more people. Still getting to grips with newslettering's new economic model, but would be keen to hear if anyone would be i…


Meanwhile #20

This week’s Meanwhile comes to you from the bizarre serenity of York St Johns’ library. I came here for some peace and quiet and, quite by chance, discovered it’s the day before term starts. There is nobody here and it is magical. Three floors of books and de…


Meanwhile, mutated boa constrictors

Okay, that’s it for this week! Stay in, stay safe, stay well.


Meanwhile, cheeky scamps


Meanwhile, archetypes of art

Yes, it’s another entirely uncalled for redesign of Meanwhile! Inspired by the likes of Messy Nessy, Austin Kleon and Happy Readings, I’ve swung back around to the behold a list of things I like and/or have been distracted by this week format. And I've switch…


Meanwhile, myrmecology

Brace yourself, it's another big pile of links about maps and fonts and what have you. Enjoy.


Meanwhile, modern minimalists


Meanwhile, mudlarking and mindhunting


Meanwhile, the beagle has landed


Meanwhile, happy reading and ray guns


Meanwhile, after hours


Meanwhile, let's all go to the klekshops


Meanwhile, slow is fast

That is all.


Meanwhile, Paris is burning

That is all.


Meanwhile, the truth about horses and dogs

That is all.