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MusicTech Rewinder
MusicTech Rewinder - Issue #52
By Matt Strobel • Issue #52 • View online
Happy Friday,
as usual, here are a few interesting links that I stumpled upon this week.
In this short video that someone dugged talks Paul Simon about the songwriting process behind one of the defining songs of the 70s.
The NFT is getting out of hands and a lot of folks in the music business have started to get into it. I suggest watching this video before you start thinkning of minting an NFT yourelf.
Enjoy reading and have a great weekend,

The Future Of The Music Business Is In Tech, Tools, And Services (Infographic)
Napster Tried to Make Streaming Happen in 2005. Why Did it Fail?
Creator tools platforms could become social networks
Free Synchtank Report - Drowning in Data: Royalty Accounting and Systems in the Digital Age
This robot rapper has 9m followers on TikTok. The company that created him thinks traditional A&R is ‘inefficient and unreliable’
A new way to think about SEO in the music industry
Meet the Man Recreating Ancient Musical Instruments Lost to Time
The Ins-and-Outs of Music Catalog Sales and the Behind-the-Scenes Players Advising Songwriters Who Cash Out
Genre Is Disappearing. What Comes Next?
Artist development in the digital age
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Matt Strobel

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