The Newsbrief from Mary Trigiani

By Mary Trigiani

The Newsbrief features items Mary clips from the news.

The Newsbrief features items Mary clips from the news.

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Discovering oneself.

One of the best reasons to work is to learn. Work offers a rich platform for discovering ourselves and helping others to do the same.



This is not about Hell For Certain, Kentucky, or the short story "On Hell-Fer-Sartain Creek" by John Fox, Jr. (Although someone should do that some time.) This week's collection is inspired by one of the stories herein, about the intersection of certainty and…


Get loud.

It feels as if everyone is shouting and as if that's what we have to do to be seen, heard and taken seriously. There are moments when the situation may warrant an increase in volume, yet most of the time it's possible to be loud sottovoce. If you have ever se…


Power and image.

The best course of action -- personal or corporate -- emanates from the right thing: defining it and doing it. In the end, we have to live with ourselves. Whatever the triumphs or the disappointments. Useful power and a respected image derive from a robust mi…


Honest brokers.

More than a question of financial compensation, work is a form of personal expression and contribution. The joy of work is accessible to everyone -- as long as there is access to jobs. Job creation begins with the belief that work -- with the focus upon deliv…


Flying monkeys.

Words get thrown around a lot, especially when we all have access to an unfiltered bully pulpit. Sound bites inflame instead of explain. For the professionals who are called to tell true stories and who choose their words carefully in telling them, this prese…


The right stuff.

It is the title of a book by Tom Wolfe, in which he explored the drive of -- at that time -- men who were bound and determined to explore space. It is ethical. It is intellectual. It is physical. It is spiritual. And the right stuff is currently up for interp…



Every single day brings the potential of reinvention, and it is a good time to think about its connection with luck.I listen to the Stoics podcast by Ryan Holiday. This past Monday night, I caught up with his April 19 show, where he explored what Marcus Aurel…



Niceness is up for interpretation. In some companies, niceness is the equivalent of giving in to something that might be ineffective, or even wrong, just so you'll be perceived as a team player or to rack up IOUs for something you'll want farther down the lin…


Under the rubble.

Artificial intelligence and virtual reality have entered the mainstream, even though it is safe to say we haven't figured out how to deal with regular reality yet. Good to know: our time is just one chapter in history with its own set of technologies and chan…


Elegance. Remembering and understanding.

Elegance is not being noticed but being remembered. So says Giorgio Armani, fashion designer and executive. (Or it's been attributed to Mr. Armani.) In a world that currently seems consumed with outsized gestures, in which we are encouraged to grab and hog th…


Think about what companies need.

The great thing about a business, of any size, is that it can provide a structure for people to think big and to deliver. Productive leaders find ways to include all points of view in the day-to-day decisions that advance an organization. At the same time, th…


Captains and queens.

Hierarchy is strange, useful and worthy of scrutiny. It is a human construct and while some say it derives from The Divine, hierarchy -- in all its forms here on Planet Earth -- is often the province of those who seek to promote exclusive beliefs and to prote…


Influence, impact and power.

The Medici family of Renaissance Florence still enjoys a level of influence that reaches beyond their final resting places -- yet humble bacteria is what scientists used to clean their tombs. This story, along with the others in this week's newsbrief, inspire…


Fresh breezes.

There is something in the air. Change is only the byproduct of a larger energy shift that is happening because thinkers and creators are leading us into new territory, fortifying us to diminish the resistance to the new and to bury the cliché. Everything -- f…


Where you least expect it.

This week's stories point to the importance of navigating the unknown with curiosity, bravery and an open mind -- and to realizing we can choose to consider every life step, joyous or challenging, as teeming with purpose.Consider a few Virginians of the great…


Pummeled by life's daily drama?

Today's stories tell good tales, giving us a reason to climb out from under our pressures to enjoy wonderful people and things.


Trouble saying no?

Today's stories show that in many situations, we cannot get to "yes" without saying "no" first.


Are your chips down?

Today's stories and commentaries lift the spirit and strengthen the resolve to act, whatever is left on your table.


Fusion. Building relevance, facing truth, inspiring engagement.

Economies are not only like people, they are people. In many ways, our human journey through the past few years has highlighted the importance of relationships and the fact that we have more ways than ever to build and sustain connection. We just have to focu…