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The role of talent in renaissance. Optimism, balance, engagement.

Forging another renaissance is more than a challenging proposition or a call to action; it’s a deep dive into the reality we share, right now. From the comforts of working for a tech behemoth, which includes waking up to how difficult it is to get a job there in the first place, to how we treat employees, to pondering what spurs American dynamism, we must recognize the unevenness of the economic playing field and how much we must work on achieving fairness via academic parity, clearing paths to wealth creation [not the same as redistribution], and fending off elitism. Today’s writers open a window into our current state. Clearly it’s time for fresh air.

Building American Dynamism | Future
On Leaving Facebook /
Great resignation: Leaders cannot neglect the staff that stay
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Mary Trigiani

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