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Book Chat - Issue #18: Siblings, wolves and blueberry hotcakes

In the last issue I talked about Louise Penny's book, The Madness of Crowds, so I was interested to see this article pop up on the Quebec Writers Federation blog.In the post, Louise talks about coming to terms with the death of her beloved husband Michael, an…


Book Chat - Issue #17: Two books and a crumble recipe

I've just finished reading The Madness of Crowds by Louise Penny. I enjoyed it, although I thought it was a bit drawn out near the end. If she had wrapped things up more quickly, it would have been a more satisfying read.Written at the end of the pandemic (in…


Book Chat - Issue #16: Podcasts

Apart from What should I read next, I have a few other favourites that I go back to regularly.The BBC has two book podcasts which are good value. One is Open Book which features author interviews and the other is A Good Read where Harriett Gilbert talks to tw…


Book Chat - Issue #15

I've just finished reading The Covered Wife. It's the debut novel of Australian writer Lisa Emanuel and an excellent read.The story revolves around Sarah, a smart young lawyer working long hours at a mid-tier law firm. She meets the handsome Daniel and they f…


Book Chat - Issue #14

My reading over the past week has been a mixed bag ranging from The Girls by Chloe Higgins, to Yours Cheerfully by A J Pearce. The Girls is a memoir about grief and loss. In 2005, when Chloe was seventeen years old, her two sisters were killed in a car accide…


Book Chat - Issue #13

I've been busily churning through some more British crime thrillers and noticed I kept picking up the wrong book from the pile on my bedside table. When I put them side by side, I realised that this was because the covers were almost identical. Not a coincide…


Book Chat - Issue #12

Sometimes it seems like the world is trying to make us feel guilty about everything we do. We don't do enough exercise; we don't eat enough vegetables, and some of us drink too much wine. (Ahem). And whilst I think we should try to live our best lives, I don'…


Book Chat - Issue #11

I started doing a writing course with Chloe Higgins who is a writing coach and the author of a memoir called The Girls, which won the People's choice awards at the 2020 Victorian Premier's Literary Awards. I haven't read it yet, but judging from the first few…


Book Chat - Issue #10

Many people like to imagine that they'll write a best-selling novel one day. It's one of my favourite daydreams, even though I know success is always the result of hard work and determination, and that daydreaming will not get me there. Like many people, I li…


Book Chat - Issue #9

If you like non-fiction, you could try I Miss You When I Blink, a collection of essays by Mary Laura Philpott. It's funny and wise. I'm looking forward to her next book which is due out next year.


Book Chat - Issue #8

I've just finished reading Klara and the Sun and enjoyed it immensely. I suspect that some of you might say that you don't enjoy reading science fiction, so I need to tell you that this book isn't typical of the genre. Although Klara is a robot, there are no …


Book Chat - Issue #7

This week I've been staying at home as per the NSW health orders and subsequently I've been doing a fair bit of reading. I've just finished Other People's Houses by Australian author Kelli Hawkins. My friend Catherine lent it to me and it was terrific. Full o…


Book Chat - Issue #6

In the last couple of weeks, I also finished Monogamy by Sue Miller. It was a book group pick (my choice), and I had mixed feelings about it, as did the rest of my book group. One person found it totally boring and abandoned it after 50 pages, another thought…


Book Chat - Issue #5

My friend Emily had this piece published in Entropy Magazine. It's a great read.


Book Chat - Issue #4

Last week I finished The Good Sister by Sally Hepworth. It was a quick read, but it was great. If you enjoyed Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, you'll probably like this book because it's similar in tone, but with more twists and turns. I'm also a sucker f…


Book Chat - Issue #3

I'm still reading pretty some light fiction, but I'm hoping to get stuck into something more thought-provoking in the next few weeks. I love comfort reading, but I also like to be challenged. It's a bit like eating mashed potato; it's nice now and then, but e…


Book Chat - Issue #2

My concentration has been poor in the last couple of weeks, so I've been entertaining myself by reading children's books. I have lots of children's books at home, but I took myself off to the library to see what was new and/or popular. It felt odd to be brows…


Book Chat - Issue #1

A while back I blogged about books with great openings, the ones that make you want to rush to the library or buy the book straight away. The example I used was The Sun Down Motel by Simone St. James, which I think is an excellent read.It was kind of spooky, …