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By Margaret Moon

Book Chat - Issue #8





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Book Chat
Hello reading friends!
I hope you are all looking after yourselves. We are still in lockdown so we’ve been staying at home (as per instructions) except for the occasional walk. As a result, I’ve had plenty of time for reading, writing and cooking. I’ve also had plenty of time to think about what makes me happy and what really matters. For me, this is my family, friends and fulfillment. And maybe fun and food. What’s on your list?
Here’s a lovely article about taking time to reassess your priorities.

How to Have a Happier Post-Pandemic Life - The Atlantic
What I've been reading
I’ve just finished reading Klara and the Sun and enjoyed it immensely. I suspect that some of you might say that you don’t enjoy reading science fiction, so I need to tell you that this book isn’t typical of the genre. Although Klara is a robot, there are no descriptions of how artificial intelligence works or any technical stuff. The book is about friendship more than anything else, so give it a whirl.
Reading about Klara’s relationship with the sun prompted me to write this blog post about fresh air and instructions for babies.
Sunshine on my shoulders
A great magazine for readers
I recently subscribed to a new online magazine called Oh Reader. It’s been around for about 12 months and comes out four times a year. It’s reasonably priced and aimed at people who enjoy reading about reading (that’s me!) and I really love it. When you subscribe you have to wait until the next issue comes out (next one is due out in September) and then you get access to the new edition plus all the back issues.
One of my writing friends (Patricia) had a piece published in Issue 4 and it’s excellent writing. If you decide to subscribe check out her piece which is called The Blessed Mother, Nancy Drew, and Me.
Oh Reader
What I've been listening to
Like many of you, I’ve been focussing on self care and trying to stay positive. Here’s an interesting podcast I just discovered.
Happy Place -
What I've been cooking
Last weekend I made Lemon Delicious but forgot to take a photo. It’s easy to make and good comfort food on a cold winters night.
Thanks for reading. If you have any friends who would like this newsletter, please share. In the meantime, stay safe!
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Margaret Moon
Margaret Moon

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