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Book Chat - Issue #3

Book Chat
Hello readers and writers
I hope you are keeping well. We are moving into the cooler months here in sunny New South Wales. The days have been warm, but the nights are cool. Perfect for reading, walking and eating!
I’ve got a mixed bag in this issue. Some reading suggestions and links I thought you might like. Let me know if you’d like more (or less) of anything in each edition, and I’ll do my best to provide it.

What I've been reading
I’m still reading pretty some light fiction, but I’m hoping to get stuck into something more thought-provoking in the next few weeks. I love comfort reading, but I also like to be challenged. It’s a bit like eating mashed potato; it’s nice now and then, but eventually you need something more substantial to chew on. But for now, my brain still needs me to read books that are undemanding, so I’m happy to go with that.
I’m always a sucker for an attractive book cover, so I reserved The Art of Baking Blind at my local library precisely because the Victoria Sponge on the cover looked so inviting. I was disappointed to find that it had an entirely different (and far less attractive) cover when I picked it up, but I enjoyed it, even though it was fairly predictable. The characters are nicely drawn, and it was a bit like watching The Great British Bake-Off. Everyone has a backstory, and you know who you want to be the winner.
Recommended if you’re in the mood for something not too challenging, but nice! Comfort reading at its best.
The Art of Baking Blind
The Art of Baking Blind
What I've been watching
Have you heard of the poet Maggie Smith? I hadn’t until recently. I follow her on Instagram, so I enjoyed this frank interview with her on LitHub.
Personal Space: Maggie Smith on Her Shift in Artistic Practice ‹ Literary Hub
What I've been listening to
I came across this beautiful clip of Aurora talking about being the voice of the North Wind in the Frozen movie. It’s delightful.
AURORA - Frozen 2 - "INTO THE UNKNOWN" (Behind The Scenes Recording)
What I've been baking
I had to take a plate to a workshop last week, but I had little in the cupboard, so I made a Welsh Tea Cake (Bara Brith). Recipes like this were popular in the Depression because they didn’t require any butter (which was scarce), and only one egg (also in short supply). Despite the small number of ingredients, this is a delicious cake and very easy to make. You can serve it with butter, but it really doesn’t need it.
In case you’re wondering, it’s called tea cake because you soak the fruit in tea. I used equal quantities of dates and sultanas, but any dried fruit will do.
Welsh Teacake
Welsh Teacake
One last thing...
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Margaret Moon
Margaret Moon

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