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What's everyone arguing about?

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Outside Sales Round Up

October 19 · Issue #5 · View online
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Hi There,

The internet wont stop arguing about inside vs. outside sales. Frankly, it looks like inside sales is winning. 
The Inside Sales Revolution and the Pull Towards Sales Acceleration |
Inside Sales Revolution: Is it Time to Bring the Outside In? - Salesforce Blog
The Growing Power of Inside Sales
Not So Fast
The industry begs to differ. 
There are 5.7 million professional sales people in America – 52.8% are outside sales reps and 47.2% are inside sales reps.
Sales departments in Europe are made up of 62.9% outside sales and 37.1% inside sales. 
…Pretty even split 🤔
Sales departments at large organizations (> $500M) are made up of 71% outside sales.
Small organizations, (<$50M) the category with the highest percentage of inside sales reps, still identify 53% of their reps as outside sales.
What Is This Divide?
A few years back people predicted the downfall of outside sales. They thought that technology would eliminate the need for face to face interactions. 
While it’s true that technology has increased the amount we can sell, we’re shocked that everyone has taken a polarized stance on the topic.
The fact of the matter is, inside and outside sales are beginning to blend together, especially in medium sized businesses. As an outside sales company, we’ve seen many inside sales teams use our platform. Why? Because both sides have their perks – You can’t replace the personal touch out of an outside sales person just as much as you can’t replicate the efficiency of inside sales. We’re predicting a closer blend of the two roles in the future
Other Interesting Stats
Inside sales average 11.9 meaningful conversations per day – 1/20 turn into a sale.
Spending on sales technology solutions has increased from $2,546 per sales rep in 2014 to $4,581 in 2017.
European sales reps close 13.2% more than U.S. Reps.
The average quota for an account executive was $793,566 with 60.9% of reps achieving that number each year.
The average tenure of a rep is four years and it takes 5.2 months on average to reach full production.
Why Do We Care?
Our research team is focusing on this divide because we believe the future is somewhere in the middle. We want to bring the best of inside sales to our outside sales customers. We’re looking to add more features like email automation, phone efficiency, and lead scoring. Our product team is working hard to make Map My Customers the best it can be. See ya next week for the next big industry trend!
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