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Can't Find Them? Put Out an ABT

You won't really appreciate the pun until the end here but let me explain. When email marketing first

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October 9 · Issue #48 · View online
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You won’t really appreciate the pun until the end here but let me explain. When email marketing first started, people were so excited about the potential that they sent the exact same template to every prospect, regardless of circumstances: it was blind, random, and ineffective. We started to realize that maybe we should make these a little bit more specific to the individual who’s getting it. That led us to account based targeting which is the natural progression. It makes sense that the most effective way to win a client, especially a large enterprise, is to cater the pitch specifically to them. This, by the way, isn’t a sales approach. These campaigns have to be company-wide. Sales targets them individually, but they need to do it with catered marketing collateral, specialized video walk-throughs from CS, and the full support from the team. These efforts have to be company-wide, or they won’t be effective. So if you want to start getting replies from these higher level clients, put out an ABT
Let’s Do This,
Matt, CEO

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