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We discuss the big issues impacting the UK manufacturing sector, and our policy ideas to overcome them.

We discuss the big issues impacting the UK manufacturing sector, and our policy ideas to overcome them.

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❓ Does the mini-budget and energy support package cut it?

👍 Things we likePermanent increase to the Annual Investment Allowance of £1m: This is a major POLICY WIN for Make UK, providing much-needed certainty businesses have been seeking for the past two years, particularly for SMEs who will now be able to make long-…


A short update from us this week

Everyone connected with UK manufacturing will be deeply sorry to hear of the passing of Her Majesty the Queen.The Nation owes her an immense debt for the duty and public service to which she dedicated her life in the UK, the Commonwealth and around the World.…


📅 A 100 day plan for the new Prime Minister

The immediate challenges are simply too grave to ignore - the foremost energy costs. The new PM should immediately call an Emergency Budget to begin to tackle the cost of doing business crisis. With the OBR having already worked on a forecast since July, it i…


Results day sees more STEM students

It was A Levels, T Levels and VTQs results day last Thursday. After years of disruption due to the pandemic, results day finally felt like how it did before, students receiving the results for exams sat earlier in the year.While grades fluctuated across regio…


⚠ Energy special: Cost vs. supply, what's really going on?

We know that price hikes are a result of a mismatch between supply and demand. And with increasing gas supply shortages, electricity and gas prices have now increased in the UK and across the rest of Europe to unprecedented levels.🔌 It is increasingly likely …


📈 Interest rates are on the rise again

Last week we saw interest rates rise by 0.5% to 1.75% - the biggest rise in 27 years! It wasn't however, entirely surprising given the level of inflation in the economy, and unprecedented levels being endured in the production economy. 📈 While consumer price …


🤔 Is the Industrial Strategy making a comeback?

Last week the Labour Party set out its priorities should it come to power, and they focused on growth. In fact, it was "Growth, Growth, Growth". This was of course music to manufacturers' ears, but what really landed was the commitment to an Industrial Strate…


💥 National Manufacturing Day - what a day!

"We don't make anything in the UK anymore"It's fair to say this assumption was well and truly quashed last Thursday on National Manufacturing Day. After many many months of planning, we hosted the inaugural #NMD2022.It was a day to celebrate the manufacturing…


🗝 How to unlock investment to kickstart growth

⬆ The UK manufacturing sector accounted for approximately 17% of all investment in capital in 2021, which means the sector makes the largest relative contribution to investment in assets across different UK sectors. Furthermore, it mainly invests in high-valu…


🤯 Cost of doing business, a headache for the Low Pay Commission?

The Low Pay Commission closed its consultation on the National Living Wage and other minimum wage rates for 2023 last week.The LPC’s central estimate for next year’s NLW rate is £10.32 – an increase of 8.6% on 2022. Manufacturers are seeking to respond to the…


🚨 Emergency pre-recess package of business support required

Today we've published our Q2 quarterly Manufacturing Outlook results in partnership with BDO. These are the first set of results that take into account the potent cocktail facing manufacturers right now. So what do the results show?Output and orders are still…


💸 Manufacturers have spoken, wage inflation is cause for concern

Our Q2 Regional Advisory Boards came to end, and it's fair to say the difference between Q1 and Q2 feedback was stark. The somewhat optimistic outlook for 2022, with manufacturers seeking opportunities, has tempered. Many are now facing a summer of persistent…


💚 The first roadmap to net zero released

Make UK and Inspired Energy release the final report of their step-by-step roadmap taking companies through their complex decarbonisation journey.This Roadmap provides a clear direction and major milestones towards the long term 2050 goal. It aims to encourag…


🌼 Spring into action and open doors your doors to future makers!

National Manufacturing Day is an opportunity for manufacturers to showcase the range of highly skilled and well-paid jobs they have on offer by throwing open their doors in a UK wide Open House on Thursday 7 July 2022.We are looking to engage with students, p…


🔗Just in time manufacturing is dead

Our new research in partnership with Infor on global supply chains finds that 'just in time’ manufacturing is being replaced by ‘just in case’ as volatility becomes the norm and companies increase suppliers close to home.


🎉 The Make UK National Manufacturing Conference is back!

Straight from the onset, the theme of the day was the importance of UK manufacturing to the success of the UK economy. Our favourite host Steph McGovern was back to kick off the conference - a champion of apprenticeships but also the sector having previously …


📣 It's time for a national manufacturing plan

Despite the numerous levelling up announcements, there remains a significant proportion (around a third) of manufacturers who are yet to be fully convinced that progress on the Government’s flagship policy is benefitting their businesses. This sentiment is pa…


⚡ Energy and exports, what's really going on?

What are the key points of the new energy strategy for manufacturers? 🏭 Nuclear - Plans to reduce the UK's reliance on oil and gas by building as many as eight new nuclear reactors, including two at Sizewell in Suffolk. A new body will oversee the delivery of…


🆘 2 years since it's announcement, where is the Employment Bill?

⏳ The Queen’s Speech next month will mark more than two years since the Government first announced its intention to publish an Employment Bill following its election in 2019, and more than four years since it accepted the recommendations of the Taylor Review …


👎 The promise of jam tomorrow doesn't cut it

Surely we could have done more? Senior Economist Fhaheen Khan covers the main takeaways of the Spring Fiscal Statement 👇The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, last week outlined the Government’s strategy for the months ahead as the cost of living and c…