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Peace, love and profit

February 4 · Issue #33 · View online

Occasional and a bit random but mainly about leadership, the state we're in, business and purpose, occasional bouts of metaphysics and angst.

He was richer than god (indeed several deities), a bit odd, his tax affairs were byzantine, municipal dumps are filled with his products and he changed the face of retail. The Testament of a Furniture Dealer by IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad from 40 years ago is still well worth a read and full of great nuggets of insight.
“If we want this change to happen, we need to see more green barbarians at the gate acting fiercely to enact a strong sustainability agenda, not just writing nice letters”. Blackrock CEO Fink’s letter to shareholders calling for a purpose revolution has received global attention. But are they just nice words to keep the CSR heads happy?
Many leaders suffer in silence as they struggle with unrealistic demands, pressures on family life and complex business and social questions they are ill equipped to answer. More honesty like this is needed to break the stigma around mental health.
Tech gubbins
“As competition for our attention moves away from smartphones and tablets, it will soon become evident that Apple holds immense power in being the largest wearables software provider in the world.” Really fascinating look at Apple’s future.
Should we be sceptical about Blockchain, despite the Bitcoin hype ? This guy thinks so.
Jesus Coin is an ERC20-compliant token that claims to be 37% more effective than prayer and offer faster transaction times when communicating with god. Hallelujah!
Peace, love and profit.
Liam x 
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