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LALA Token Distribution and Token Unlock Schedule

Greetings LALA Family, We are delighted to inform our contributors and community members that your wa
Team LALA World
LALA Token Distribution and Token Unlock Schedule
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Greetings LALA Family,
We are delighted to inform our contributors and community members that your wait is over. As promised, we continue to deliver on time. Below, you will find details on LALA token distribution and unlock schedule. Thank you for waiting patiently.
1. Token Distribution Schedule
We will be starting the Token distribution in batches from Tuesday, 30th January 2018 onwards. 
Due to overwhelming demand and for security reasons, Token distribution shall be released in batches. We are expecting it to complete within a week from the 30th of January, Give or take one day. We would request all members to verify and ensure that they have the correct ERC20 compliant wallet address mentioned in their dashboard profiles (
All Tokens will be distributed strictly according to your Ether address as mentioned in your LALA Dashboard. If anyone needs to change, the address you can do so at the token sale website - Please use the “Change” option available in the Tokensale Dashboard, to edit or update the address if required.
LALA World shall not be responsible for incorrect or invalid addresses mentioned by members in their profiles. Any losses incurred due to such negligence will be member’s own responsibility. EXCHANGE ADDRESS on the dashboard will not work. ERC20 Compliant Wallet addresses is required to receive LALA Tokens.
We have devised the well instructed documents below for your ease of understanding the whole process!
Please Click on the links below:
Please Note: Make Double Sure That You Input a Valid ERC20 Compliant Wallet Address!!

2. LALA Token Unlock Date
As per the original schedule, LALA Tokensale was supposed to be completed by 5th February, with KYC and AML date as announced to be 10th February. 
While the LALA Tokensale was hugely successful and we closed early that expected, KYC and AML are yet to be updated by some. It is our legal and moral obligations to give everyone time till 10th February to update their details. Once that is done, we would need about 5 more days up until 15th February to reconcile everything. Tokens shall stay locked till 10 more days after that  to 25th February to prepare ourselves for proper listing in March 2018, to keep our promise yet again of Q1 listing schedule.  Exact unlock time will be released through LALA official email only to contributors and token holders. 
For contributors who passed the KYC+AML process, the LALA ERC20 tokens will be unlocked on 25th February.
For those who have been refunded, the tokens will stay locked and will be retired soon after. 
The LALA Team DOES NOT ask for ETH or LALA to unlock the tokens. Please beware of Scamsters posting to be LALA and asking personal information, tokens or any money.
All important notices will be announced through our blog and official e-mail address “”. We DO NOT Send Individual e-mails!!
If you are unsure if the message you received is an official announcement from the LALA team, please contact us at
In order to see your LALA token balance, you must add the custom LALA tokens to your wallet. For step-by-step guidance, please refer to our separate announcement  here: How To Add LALA Custom Token.

Your LALA World
LALA Team will always continue to think about community, real users and investors. As 2018 steps in, we want to stay focused, yet simple. While LALA is focused on financial inclusion, education, health & employment are intertwined into our mission. LALA Token plays a crucial part in this as we expand globally making LALA the currency of choice.
We couldn’t be more excited for what’s to come. With our current processes and development positioned in sync, we are pushing ourselves to ensure that we can meet the grueling timelines we have set. We believe that we are on track, as each day at LALA we make new strides in our vision and come closer to becoming a global phenomenon.
With LALA World - Time for change has come.
Thank you all for your continued support!
We are a 7900+ Strong LALA Family
We are a 7900+ Strong LALA Family
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