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LALA Product & Services to be Launched - Exciting Time Ahead

Dear LALA Family! We know that you, our LALA family, have been eagerly waiting for the LALA product r
Team LALA World
LALA Product & Services to be Launched - Exciting Time Ahead
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Dear LALA Family!
We know that you, our LALA family, have been eagerly waiting for the LALA product roadmap. LALA team has also been working round the clock to deliver every product in the LALA ecosystem. This will be quiet evident from the flurry of product releases in upcoming weeks and months as detailed below. As a testament to our hard work and tireless efforts, here is our working products & services focused launch timelines. It’s been a long road as we are building an ecosystem of products, not just one product, carefully navigating the regulatory as well as the new crypto landscape. Very proud of each one of you to have reached where we are today. The LALA Family as we call it. 
““Always dream and shoot higher than you know you can do. Don’t bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself.” — William Faulkner” 

The RoadMap Ahead!
1) LALA Wallet Launch in India - 9th July'2018
After rigorous testing over the months, LALA World will be launching its LALA Wallet in India, accessible via Android app and available on Google Play Store. The LALA Wallet App, to begin with will allow a user to create his single star LALA ID by providing his email address and mobile number. Users can improve their star ratings by completing their full KYC process. A user with LALA Wallet to start with will be able to do Prepaid, DTH and Data Card top-ups and recharges online of around 29 different service providers. Apart from the recharges, LALA Wallet will also provide the bill payment services through which the user can pay their Telephone, Gas, Broadband, Electricity and Postpaid mobile bills of more than 25 different utility service providers in India, instantly from anywhere, anytime. The different payment methods that will be available include credit cards, debit cards, and net banking. 
2) Fiat Lending Starts through LALA’s India-based NBFC - 16th July'2018 including launch of full fiat lending technology platform
LALA Lends from the start has been an integral part of our LALA World Ecosystem. Through its Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) Indian arm, LALA will begin its lending services in India. This is going to be a big step forward for the LALA World Ecosystem as we plan to offer loans in three main categories: Micro Loans, MicroSME Loans, and Salary Loans. This also includes the entire technology and loan origination systems built in house over the last 12 months. This platform will be its own revenue generator when we white label this in coming months to other lenders and institutions. 
3) Recharge services from UAE to 10 countries to be made available - 23rd July'2018
LALA World will be launching the first phase of LALA Pay via LALA App recharges in UAE & GCC region in association with ManGo Kiosks, the partnership that was announced earlier and fittingly worked well for both LALA & ManGo. The integrations are now complete and the testing is in full swing. LALA users in these countries will be able to top up their Fiat via 430 kiosk locations. LALA will be able to offer Mobile TOP UP & Recharge services across 10 countries, where residents can visit Mango Kiosks as licenses top up facilities and can easily top-up their wallets, liberating them all from the frequent visits to these Kiosks for their daily bill payments.
4) Recharge services through Crypto in to be made available 10 crypto friendly countries - September’2018
As we detailed in our FAQ’s, we are always finding new ways to use LALA Token. Starting with 10 countries, we shall also be launching LALA Pay across these 10 countries, where tops ups can be done via LALA Token and used to pay recharges and utilities bills. This has been a daunting task with mild of an entire crypto wallet in the backend that can support such services, be regulatory compliant, third party integrations, smart contract deployments for certain contracts etc. But we are here now and want to fully test this before releasing in September 2018. 
5) LALA Transfer, International Remittance - Working towards a Q4’18 Launch
Over last few months, we have been extremely busy building the entire remittance technology from scratch including traditional as well as Blockchain technology. We have tested everything and continue to integrate some partners across corridors. Also we have been working on remittance licenses without which we cannot operate, as we will always be fully regulatory compliant. We are now aiming to start international remittance with few corridors starting UK to CIS, UK to other European countries, UAE to India, Philippines, Bangladesh, SriLanka and more. These all have been planned in Q4’18 - LALA Transfer Launch, and adding more corridors as we finalise more licenses, corporate integrations with partners & government partnerships.
6) Crypto Lending - with successful test cases, to be launched in Q1’ 2019
While we build the entire Fiat lending in India (and soon to be announced for other countries), we have also been building our base Crypto Lending model for crypto friendly nations as well. 
This will complete our entire ecosystem of base financial services that we want to provide to the unbanked as well as other crypto friendly users. 2019 will be a strong period of growth of these products across geographies with LALA Token as the central element across our services, across global partners to use these services, NGO’s and governments that work with us, corporate and enterprises that want to help this migrant and unbanked communities. LALA will be the centre piece and we have been gearing towards that. 2019 will also see release of new products that we have been working on but once we have consolidated some markets. We shall announce them as time comes, to continue surprising our audience. 
LALA has always said that it wants to leverage on the existing infrastructure that is already there. That is our key strength - Global Partnerships - both at local as well as government level. Both with corporate enterprises as well as local NGO’s. 
Our aim is to touch 100 million lives by 2020 and build the acceptability of LALA and these launches are the stepping stones towards that mega vision!
The team is  super excited and really hopes that this will lay rest to all the unanswered questions caused in the past and the LALA family will come back together even more stronger and support the LALA project like their own, the way you have right from the begining.
We Thank each one of our family members for  your endless support! 
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