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A Message From Our CEO

Over the years, I’ve gone through a very interesting journey and this journey has somewhat shaped wha
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A Message From Our CEO
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Over the years, I’ve gone through a very interesting journey and this journey has somewhat shaped what LALA is all about today. Born to a humble family in a small town, small house, turning to be a high flying banker, with several ups and downs, I’ve had the ride few times now. Its been an amazing experience every time and made me tough and very mature.
Over the last four odd years, Bitcoin and Blockchain have been a saviour, with all its interesting challenges. What a ride I must say. Starting as a trader, I soon realised that this is the new reality of a great peer to peer era. However , when I still look back, I wish I had this LALA dream earlier in life but then again, better late than never. This post is about the real core values of LALA that are primarily derived from my own life experiences.

Simple is Best
Steve Jobs, Elon Musk and numerous masterminds have been teaching that. But you learn when you learn. Simple thinking and most importantly explaining stuff simply, is the most difficult and complex thing to learn. Its like common sense, which is not so common. Some kids are smart and they can “Just Simplify” when young - natural born. Some learn as they rise in life, or with age but most learn through adversity. Life goes on for many as usual (read complex) but in extreme circumstances, you learn how to prioritise and how to be simple. The premises of LALA World is to be simple. Simple app, simple platform, simple products for simple people. While under the hood things are very complex, and we are paddling like ducks, we are focussed on products and geographies and partnerships to achieve them. We are always aiming to make simple things for our users, investors, employees and Partners. Digital currencies are new and complex, digitisation itself is new to over 3 Billion people. LALA wants to make that simple. However to err is human, so if at anytime, we digress or you think things are getting out of hand, just shout. We are always listening and always in problem solving mode. #besimple #belala
A Purpose in life
For several years, I was just “Going with the Flow”. Take things as they come. It was good for a while but when you fall under a Bell Curve, you know you have missed a lifetime, you have missed being a Human Being. But then again, you can’t live in the past, so move on. LALA’s sole purpose is to Make Human Lives Better. We don’t know how anyone can justify abusing other Human Beings in such barbaric ways. LALA Is not charity either because charity does not work. Its one time and always abused with a political motive. We are a social business which makes money and spends money for betterment. LALA Tokens are being launched not because ICO’s are a fad but because we could not think of a better way to incentivise everyone while building this huge global social business for real users to stay on LALA Platform and get LALA as rewards, short term investors to provide us the funding and motivation to build this community and long term investors for their continued support while they earn with us by lending us their tokens or participating in community projects because they believe in this. #behuman #belala
Work Hard
There is no substitute to working hard. Sometime I regret not working hard enough in earlier part of my life. I could have done better and LALA would have been there much before. Again, better late than never. Laziness or a monotonous routine is not wrong. Its just not as fulfilling. Once you get into this habit of working hard, there is no bigger charm. LALA Team is that one team. I am indebted to you, participants of ICO, my early investors and above all to my crazy team - they have worked tirelessly over last one year, slept at the office for days, had an earful from me, but never given up. The goal has been clear and their hard work is now paying off. Thank you guys. #beteamplayer #belala
Dream Big
I’ve always been over ambitious and mostly been ridiculed. When I look back, it was not ambition but my dreams. There is no boundary for dreams. You can only achieve what you can dream. So dream as big as you can. Nothing is impossible but if you don’t know what you want to achieve then how would you know you have achieved it when you get there? At LALA we are dreaming big. Dreaming for a purpose to bring over 2 billion in people in to the system they deserve to be a part of. To stop this oppression by rulers, by governments, by capital markets, by middlemen who are thriving on their poor plight. We request you to be a LALA Partner in this huge dream and make “It a Better Place”, for you and for me and…(Thank you Michael Jackson, and yes I am old) #bedreaming #belala
Be Calm and Carry On
The path to disruption and breaking traditional barriers was never easy. You will be ridiculed, you will be tarnished, made fun of….you get the gist. Just be calm. Be very clear of your purpose. Have good company and define your goals simply to people around you as well as yourself. LALA is blessed to have full support but at times we are questioned like anyone else of our motives and purposes. As described numerous times, we are here to help. We are a group of hard working experienced individuals who want to have a great social business for a good cause. #becalm #belala
We at LALA believe that it is time that that the poor and unbanked who have little or no access to real world amenities, are brought out off oppression into the real world. Digital currencies and peer to peer technologies come in as blessing in disguise. This is our chance to work hard, achieve these dreams, with a purpose but stay simple. We are already seeing the results with real users in Malaysia and India, over 50 global partners, communities, NGO’s and governments supporting us, one off the best advisory boards, experienced team - and you as partner. If this isn’t blessing then we are not sure what is to build a strong LALA community and an ecosystem. We look forward to working with you to make lives better.
I hope you find this journey of interest and not only participate in our ICO but also send your contacts, and networks our way who can help us achieve this. Please do not hesitate to contact me. Looking forward to your feedback and to have you on board.
Look forward to your support!

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