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We need Money | Knowledge•Day shots

We need Money | Knowledge•Day shots
By Yash Yadav • Issue #4 • View online
Hello again to another Knowledge•Day shots issue.
This has been a hectic week so far and it’s not even finished yet, but your beloved newsletter will always get priority. :)
The month of May is about to end, and man, the climate this year is amazing. I remember sweating tanks same time last year. The weather is definitely not the same everywhere and I speak of Mumbai only. Do you see any climate change this year in your area?

Unlike climate which seems to be doing better, this sector however doesn’t seem to spawn much good news for most people this quarantined summer.
But we don’t talk n world problems here. Can always tune to the news channels for that.
It’s a shots issue and we’ll see the quirky internet content instead of a story and it’s time to begin.
But first, a quick quiz for you:
What is the approximate net worth of the richest person in Europe?
  1. $119 Billions
  2. $53 Billions
  3. $106 Billions
  4. $79 Billions
The answer is waiting at the bottom of the issue. We’ll get there, no worries.
Hmm, Europe out of the blue is random; because the majority of us would have an idea of the richest in the world and in Asia. But you know what, Europe is fascinating. Follow me…
World’s most expensive city transportations
Europe covers the top 9 places all alone to take maximum out of pockets for commute, with the 10th position left for America ofcourse.
Wobbly roads of Venice
Wobbly roads of Venice
  1. Venice, Italy
  2. Barcelona, Spain
  3. Budapest, Hungary
  4. Madrid, Spain
  5. Warsaw, Poland
  6. Oslo, Norway
  7. Athens, Greece
  8. London, UK
  9. Paris, France
  10. Buenos Aires, Argentina
Source: Slice
And when it’s about the most expensive housing
Not America, not Europe but Hong Kong from Asia takes the crown here. By a big margin.
If that looks like fire, it's the residents' money
If that looks like fire, it's the residents' money
Source: Insider
Hmm, with high transportation costs of Europe and shed rent of Asia. I wonder what the most expensive place would be to live in with Housing, transportation, food, and necessities considered…
Most expensive place to live
Drum-rolls… And it is… Bermuda?
Not a hint from the above list, this British Overseas Territory in the North Atlantic Ocean likes… to keep us away.
What? You see something?
What? You see something?
Ah, that was a fun world tour. I hope you have enough savings to keep up with the financial hits, owing to corona.
Source: Expatistan
As promised in the last issue, I talk about what happens when the Bitcoin halving event takes place. Time to look at the charts.
If you haven’t read it yet, I’d recommend going thought it once for the context by clicking on the below link. I’ll wait here.
Recap for the rest: Bitcoin halving is an event wherein the reward given to Bitcoin miners is cut in half in order to cap the inflation rate (The rate at which new Bitcoins enter circulation).
Half it to double it
Well not really, more like half it to blow it.
Each halving event takes a few miners away but magically brings more eyes to Bitcoin and consecutively brings in more miners. What magic? You ask. Well, charts give us a better picture (pun intended).
Not all my reference images are stolen, but this one is.
Not all my reference images are stolen, but this one is.
Need help to make sense out of it? I needed it too.
Now imagine we know the total amount of Gold on our planet. If the amount of gold mined out of the earth is cut in half every 4 years, what would happen? Because of the scarcity, lowering the gold output every four years would theoretically drive its price higher. Yes, you’re looking at digital gold!
Here’s a flow chart of the process:
Ding ding ding
Ding ding ding
In theory. You can never guarantee the gold’s rule applicability on Bitcoin. The price increase is entirely dependent on how much people are willing to pay for something that is limited. But, as you can look in the chart above, the process seems to have proven successful twice. Also, it can be seen that the price jump is not immediate. For example, after the July 2016 halving, the ICO boom happened at the end of 2017.
So, what happens after this month’s halving, can’t really be predicted. Your money is in your hands. If you plan to invest, just do some self-research.
Well, that’s all for today folks. Allow me to charge myself for I can fill in the weekend’s issue.
Quiz answer:
What is the approximate net worth of the richest person in Europe?
3. $106 Billions - Bernard Arnault
B.A., Pass.
B.A., Pass.
Bernard Arnault is the only European to ever cross $100 billion mark. Currently 3rd richest in the world and the richest Non-IT CEO. This guy has also become the world’s richest twice, in December 2019 and January 2020. Right before corona paved way for IT sector and the essentials.
Why: Chairman & CEO, LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton
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Yash Yadav

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