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Patent that, lol | Knowledge•Day shots

Patent that, lol | Knowledge•Day shots
By Yash Yadav • Issue #6 • View online
Hello there,
I traveled home today and life is so much easier now. Well, for me.
The internet is overloaded with riots these days, globally but Knowledge•Day chooses to not touch the current affairs. So, let’s begin with yet another random topic

Patent Trolling
Image from NPR
Image from NPR
Sounds like serious stuff? Lol it is. Though this is not a guide about the patenting process, because that stuff’s really boring.  I here, present to you an easy money concept. Patent trolling.
Ever clocked-in credit for your sibling’s efforts just by sneaking behind their back in front of guests? No? Well I guess then your sibling is the smarter one in the house.
Anyways, what comes to mind when you read the title?
This is what happens when you build something, and someone comes up saying. “Well, you stole my idea. It’s patented and I’m working on it.”, which sounds okay. Shit happens, same idea can always hit up multiple minds unknowingly.
What if the someone who interjected you never intended to build it. And had only one motto around it: To enforce patent rights sometimes beyond its actual worth just to cash in money. Legally.
The term Patent troll is usually applied to one person or a small group. And all they do is keep an eye on the market and are always ready to attack. And we here are going to see some of the examples in this shots issue.
Frivolous patent lawshots
Woah, that would’ve costed me almost a million dollars if I used a hyperlink here and had come under the radar of The patent troll Richard Helefrich and if this year was 1997. No literally, Hyperlinks. And they have managed to get nearly 100 companies to settle for $750k each. Earning them $75 million, at least.
Source: hyperlink
The piggybacking business
Heard about RPost? Or RMail? Yeah me neither. But businesses do when lawsuits are filed upon them.
Both of these are registered companies that have collected some 50 patents and created no products but lawsuits. These guys are not afraid to bet big and have filed cases upon Amazon, Paypal, Swift, Adobe AOL, GoDaddy, Yahoo, and many others.
The main patents being about something similar to piggybacking(Authentication of send and delivery to a recipient without relying upon key-based encryption), Which they acquired after being infringed by the original assignee Authentix Technologies Ltd. (Yeah, trolls been trolled before. That’s how you learn, right?)
Source: Hyperlink
Ain’t no mercy
Remember the lesson
Remember the lesson
Well, reading above examples we could say these big businesses like Amazon, Paypal are well capable of sparing the amount of money these patent trolls would settle for. But trolls can be unforgiving, one such example is Leigh M Rothschild, being the first to file a lawsuit to an open-source image organizer app (Gnome Shotwell).
Gnome is no lax and fought back well with 3 fight back papers (source)
As generally goes with foundations, the case was crowdsourced on (source)
The list does not end but today’s issue does
Patenting things and is not trolling and the majority of patent lawsuits are legitimate. If you’re gonna build what you’ve patented, it makes sense.
However, some smart holes like Rothschild have made it a full-time business to just earn from lawsuits. Just look at it, each successful lawsuit earns these guys at least a 5-figure sum. Which is a good lot considering you don’t have to build anything at all and just sit there exploring the potential infringements. No troll stops at one, the same patent is always reused over many organizations and they’re always on a lookout to getting more patents. (Patents can be sold and the trolls love this fact)
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Yash Yadav

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