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Your Online Bio Sucks.


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November 17 · Issue #40 · View online

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Welcome to Keynotes! I am Key: a digital savvy raccoon here to guide you through our weekly newsletter, showcasing the best of the digital, marketing, and social world!
Also, hey, does your online bio suck? It’s okay if it does, most people’s do. Online bios are our digital elevator pitches; in just a few seconds, you need to tell the world who you are, what you do, how you do it, and why they should care. That’s a lot of information in a little space.
Additionally, We Are Social estimates there were 3.80 billion social media users… that’s a whole lotta of bios yours is competing against for attention!
If you want yours to stick out, keep reading. Because I have just the tools to help you to.
BONUS: all of these resources can also be used as opening lines to dating profiles as well. At Keynotes, we’re here to support all your digital endeavours!

Overview: Let's Get Started!
10 Foolproof Ways to Create a Magnetic Social Media Bio
Keep Reading: More In-depth Resources
How To Write The Perfect Social Media Bio
How to Write Every Kind of Social Media Bio
Ah Screw It: Just Get a Computer to Do It!
Still stuck on your bio? Don’t worry, I got your back. Well, technically, a computer does. Below are a list of bio generators that use AI and machine learning to produce your perfect bio! Or, in more cases, a bio.
Designer Bio Generator™
Twitter Bio Generator
Instagram Bio Generator Online
LinkedIn Summary Generator
See You Next Week!
I hope the above advice makes your bio suck a little less. Did you use any of our resources? Tag us on all the socials so we can read your new bio: @ReadKeynotes.
Until next week, humble, with just a hint of Kanye.
…Okay, I generated that signoff too.
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