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December 1 · Issue #42 · View online

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Well, for font’s sake!
What’s your favourite font? Or, better yet, what’s your least favourite font?
As digital marketers and social media managers, when we talk about design, we usually think of pictures and images to tell the story. However, fonts can convey just as much emotion and power as images! Fonts have feelings, you just need to know how to use them correctly to get your feelings across.
In this week’s newsletter, we look at the world of fonts. From our favourite letterers to free design downloads. And, as an added bonus, we even have a video on how to make your own font!
These are not your kindergarten’s ABC’s.

Meet the Experts
Ken Barber • @typelettering
Martina Flor • @martinaflor
Handmade Font • @handmadefont
Jessica Hische • @jessicahische
Learn from an Expert
How to Make a Font - Font Design Full Process
In less than 45 mins, Gary Simon of Coursetro teaches a class on how to use Illustrator to create fonts. He then also introduces a program called Fontself which exports those files to be used as actual fonts (and offers viewers a discount code for the software!) But don’t worry, if you’re just looking for free design advice, this video can still be of value to you!
Become an Expert
If creating fonts isn’t your thing, do you just want a load of free fonts instead? I got you; enjoy emerge yourself in the following free font resources. Just make sure to always check usage rights for any font you use and follow permissions accordingly!
Google Fonts
Font Squirrel
Font Bundles
Urban Fonts
See You Next Week!
Well, shut the font door, we’re at the end of this week’s newsletter! Thanks so much for joining me! I hope you learned a new skill, or, at the very least, found a new favourite font! And, if you enjoy these weekly newsletter, tell a friend! Sharing is caring.
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