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It's My Birthday! Here's Your Loot Bag!


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December 8 · Issue #43 · View online

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Man, weren’t loot bags the best?
I think that was my favourite part of going to birthday parties: you get a present just for showing up!
So, just for showing up to my birthday, here’s your loot bag! But instead of in a plastic bag that is totally a choking hazard, it’s in an email. And instead of a collection of questionable candy and glasses with a mustache attached, it’s a collection of Google Chrome Extension apps and productivity boosters.
Keep reading for more and I’ll see you at the end!

Extensions to Get Started
(1) Todoist
(2) Strict Workflow
(3) uBlock Origin
Extensions for Tab Management
(1) Momentum
(2) Tabagotchi
(3) Tabby Cat
Extensions for Fun
(1) Move It
(2) NimbusMind
(3) Teleparty
See You Next Week!
Thanks for spending my birthday with me! If you enjoyed this loot bag, please tell a friend! The more the merrier!
And now, time for birthday cake!
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