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Operators Operating Operationally

September 5 · Issue #32 · View online
Stuart, KB1HQS Newsletter
Happy Labor Day Weekend!

  1. KB1HQS Video: Portable Operator Resources with Operators Operating Operationally
  2. KB1HQS Blog: Trapping the EFHW Antenna
  3. Upcoming Trips: Katahdin Woods National Monument and the White Mountains
  4. Activation via the ISS FM Repeater?
  5. New podcast coming out in September
  6. Cool Ham Stuff
Is 2020 over yet?
Is 2020 over yet?
KB1HQS Video: Portable Operator Resources
New KB1HQS Website with Portable Operator Resources
*Portable operators you should check out and follow on social media.
I’m open to suggestions on portable operating resources to add to my website. Drop me a line and let me know what you have in mind.
KB1HQS Blog: Trapping the EFHW Antenna
Building Traps at the KB1HQS Trap House
Building Traps at the KB1HQS Trap House
Trapping the End Fed Antenna | KB1HQS
Upcoming Trip: Katahdin Woods & White Mountains
Katahdin Woods is waaaaay up there!
Katahdin Woods is waaaaay up there!
I’m heading up to northwest Maine this weekend (9/6/2020) to visit the new national monument, Katahdin Woods. The monument spans over 87,000 acres and is located next to Baxter Park (Katahdin Mountain). KW was established in August of 2016 by the federal government with the hopes of one day becoming a national park.
Considering Mainer’s disposition towards private property rights (what rights they may say), the locals near the area were very unhappy to find out “their” land use including snowmobiling and ATVing were no longer allowed.
Nevertheless, the area is mostly logging roads and streams. Little to no infrastructure in the area and people are highly advised to have 4WD or AWD to access the area. This is about as remote as it gets in Maine.
Barnard Mtn. W1/AM-401
Points: 1
Katahdin Woods and Waters State Park: K-2402
The plan is to arrive on Sunday and activate.
The following week I’m looking at heading back to the White Mountains to do some hiking/activating. Still working out the details; keep an eye on my social media for details.
Want to follow my path in real time?
You have two options:
Activation via the ISS FM Repeater?
The View from Space - Earth's Countries and Coastlines
ISS 437.800 MHz cross band FM repeater activated | AMSAT-UK
The ISS FM repeater is now activated so I am going to try some of the passes while in Katahdin Woods as that would make for a really cool QSO.
Grid: FN55QQ
SatSat iOS App
SatSat iOS App
Hamdon Thoughts podcast coming out in September
Looking for something to listen to while cat ranching or socially distancing from your wife because you forgot to do the dishes? Well, your in luck. Dennis, AD6DM invited me on his podcast, AD6DM Hamdom Thoughts and the episode will come out at the end of September. Until then, check out his latest episode, K6ARK Adam’s Ever-Smaller Inventions
Cool Ham Stuff
Low-cost Amateur Radio SDR Receiver – OSH Park
K6JCA: James Bond's 9V QRP Transceiver
Vosworx Satellite Tracker Rotor
How to Improve your Transmitting Antennas for Very Low Solar Activity
E-ink GPS topographic’s map – Ludovic's Blog
ARRL/TAPR 2020 Digital Communications Conference (Sept 11-12) Goes Virtual - KB6NU's Ham Radio Blog
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