Hiking Long Distance: The Long Trail, Vermont





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June 30 · Issue #30 · View online
Stuart, KB1HQS Newsletter
  1. KB1HQS Videos: Field Day recap and my 20m vertical saltwater antenna
  2. Hiking the Long Trail in Vermont! Long distance hiking and SOTA
  3. Recap: Down east Activation Trip
  4. Cool Ham Stuff
KB1HQS Videos:
2020 Field Day & my Salt Water 20m Vertical Antenna
20m Vertical Saltwater Antenna Results
12 ways to advertise your upcoming portable radio operation
Overnight SOTA Activation in Maine
Hiking the Long Trail in Vermont
I'm section hiking the Long Trail in Vermont!
In my on going quest for SOTA Goat (1000 points accumulated) and to demonstrate that QRP/CW (non solar) is the preferred backpackers option, I have decided to hike the Long Trail in Vermont that is 272 miles from the Massachusetts border to Canada. Along this trail are 38 SOTA summits with a possible 209 points available.
While I only have a little over two weeks available to hike this trail, the reality is I won’t finish the trail due to time. Being a long distance hike, there is always the possibility of injury (both new and old) occurring or even just loosing interest and motivation while on the trail.
The Long Trail is the oldest long distance trail in the United States and gave inspiration for the Appalachian Trail, another very popular long distance hike. The trail has a total of 67,500 feet of elevation gain and crosses several mountain ranges that include alpine zones, ponds and lots and lots of mud.
The Long Trail (in red)
The Long Trail (in red)
YouTube Channel: I plan on doing daily vlog updates and posting them to my channel when I have cell service.
KB1HQS Twitter: I will be spotting via SOTA and Twitter.
Instagram: Trip pictures
Want to follow my path in real time?
You have two options:
Recap: Down east Activation Trip
The Down east activation expedition was pretty much a disaster. The initial weekend was cancelled due to weather. The following week I went up to Cutler by myself only to find a full parking lot. Bailed and cruised over to Cooper Hill (W1/EM-047) and found a bug infested hill full of commercial towers. I was so unimpressed I just drove home.
A week later my wife and I attempted Cutler again only to make it as far as Machias, Maine where I ended up sick as a dog. Again, headed home.
Can’t say I didn’t try!
In the end, I did get some cool pictures of the Cutler VLF antenna array which was pretty interesting.
Culter VLF Antenna Array
Culter VLF Antenna Array
Cool Ham Stuff
HamSCI 2020 Update on the Low‐Cost Personal Space Weather Station
Can you take the ham radio license test online? – Ham Radio Prep
EFHW – PeanutPower
IC705 Demo Models
Morse Code Ninja
Maps - National Trails System (U.S. National Park Service)
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