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Big Bend National Park Radio Expedition

January 15 · Issue #27 · View online
Stuart, KB1HQS Newsletter
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  2. DIY Portable Discone Antenna Video
  3. Joshua Tree NP Trip Recap
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Big Bend National Park Radio Expedition
I am heading back out west. This time I’m visiting Big Bend National Park in Texas.
Big Bend Park sits right along the US/MX border with the Rio Grande river separating the two nations. Several SOTA summits sit within the borders of the park which I plan on activating.
Friday, 1/17/2020
W5T/DE-003, 10 points: Locke Mount located at the McDonald Observatory in Fort Davis, TX.
Followed by a star party (Thanks to Johnny, W5KV for the suggestion)!
Saturday, 1/18 - 1/21/2020
Possible SOTA summits:
W5T/CI-001, Emory Peak - 2385m, 10 points
Emory Peak
Emory Peak
W5T/CI-003, Casa Grande Peak - 2233m, 10 points
W5T/CI-002, Lost Mine Peak - 2297m, 10 points
*Parks on the Air: K-0006
Want to follow my path in real time?
You have two options:
DIY Portable Discone Antenna Video
DIY Portable Discone Antenna
Packtenna Mini Portable Antenna Review
Joshua Tree Trip Recap
Joshua Tree National Park, California
Joshua Tree National Park, California
The trip to Joshua Tree was fun though challenging. Stiff winds, trails covered in ice and overwhelming crowds didn’t slow me down.
I attempted Inspiration Peak twice and had to turn back due to the gusty winds. It took me two attempts before I was able to climb Ryan summit as the trail was slick ice. Leaving the park we headed up to Mojave National Preserve where I climbed a 3000 ft sand dune and made contacts on SSB and CW.
A video on this trip will be out in a few weeks. Check it out on my YouTube channel.
W6/CD-019, Kelso Dunes (HP) - 949m, 3113 ft
W6/CD-019, Kelso Dunes (HP) - 949m, 3113 ft
It’s true, I have mad hacking skills…okay maybe not, but my hiking pole antenna project did appear on
Hiking Pole Turned Lightweight Yagi Antenna | Hackaday
Cool Ham Stuff
Home | winterfieldday
Ultralight Masts for SOTA and Portable Operations - KE6MT
Phaser Digital Mode Transceiver
The last Morse Code Maritime Radio Station in North America | Bartell's Backroads |
Author of “Portable Operations for Amateur Radio” book now available in Kindle and paperback
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