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Juggling PM - Issue #1

Juggling PM - Issue #1
By Joe Jayanth • Issue #1 • View online
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Story telling and framing the narrative is one the most important attributes of a product manager.
How do you grow in your career, in the ‘corporate ladder’. This is a great post by Ian McAllister that talks about how you should analyze your skills and the organization’s expectation for the next level in your career. Also great points on how to address this with your manager.
My Post: Beyond Shipping
It took me some years to learn that Product Management doesn’t stop at shipping(value delivery), but the true end goal is value realization by the user. Here I wrote about what that means and how you can ensure the value is realized by the customer.
Watch 📺
In this 25 Min video, Adam Nash (PayPal, LinkedIn, Dropbox) talks about 6 lessons he has learnt in Product Management:
  1. Prioritization
  2. Finding the heat - Understanding user’s emotional needs.
  3. Simple is hard - Einstein’s Razor (make it simple, not simpler).
  4. Obsess about your non-users.
  5. Solve the product problem backwards - It’s not ‘if’ you should build something, it’s ‘When’.
  6. Know your superpower.
Listen 🎧
A Spotify playlist with the Best of Ben Horowitz from A16Z Podcast. In this playlist there is a wide range of interesting topics from Entrepreneurship in Elder care, Nursing and Beyond software eating the world.
Tech News 🗞
Uber Acquires Postmates for $2.65 billion all-stock.
Postmates has been an early pioneer of “delivery-as-a-service,” which complements Uber’s growing efforts in the delivery of groceries, essentials, and other goods. Link.
Facebook launches Instagram Reels in India
Launched just in time to capitalize on the TikTok ban in India. Reels allows users to create 15 second videos similar to TikTok functionality. Link.
Laugh 😄
Sudharshan Karthik
Live video of a great PM finding balance between tech debt, enterprise features and innovation.
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