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An exclusive FREE gift to our community! - Newsletter 22 April, 2022

Twitter was introduced as a revolution in the digital culture. Today, the revolution is within the company itself.Although other social networks arrived before (in fact, almost all), Twitter was the one that changed the paradigm of journalism, the one that ga…


The future will be many Metaverses... or not - Newsletter April 15, 2022

Happy Easter! What would your favorite metaverse be like? We are writing pages that will become part of history: we are heading for a technological revolution called Web3.It will be a time when social networks will become decentralized, video games will be us…


A Few Surprises For The Community - Newsletter April 07, 2022

Has the NFT Bubble exploded yet?A few days ago, Bloomberg published a somewhat devastating report regarding last year's revelation concept: only on OpenSea, the most popular NFT platform, the month of March meant a 67% reduction in sales of non-fungible token…


And The Oscar Goes To...!!! - Newsletter April 01, 2022

The butterfly effect is the metaphor that defines chaos theory. A small movement that can end up developing consequences throughout the world.When Sean Parker invented Napster, he was just creating a file-sharing program. What came later was a P2P technology …


Spring is here! - Newsletter March 24, 2022

Do you feel that? This is us getting back to normal. The global and pandemic vision gives way to a return to the details. New iPhone models, and new streaming platforms... Today, we subscribe to more services than we can reproduce. Even the public that does n…


Apple and Chiara Ferragni- Newsletter March 18, 2022

Technology means advancement and progress. Especially when it's on the right side of history. The side that does not support a dictatorial regime.Before we begin: I have a surprise for you. Keep reading to find out.We thought that the history books had alread…


Do you have 5 minutes? What about a minute? 10 seconds? - Newsletter March 11, 2022

Cycles are getting shorter.And, practically this applies to almost every area of our lives.It is terribly chilling, and I witnessed it myself in the Apple keynote this past Tuesday.Currently, I am writing to you from my beloved 2020 MacBook Air. Do you rememb…


Apple Event: Here we go again! - Newsletter March 02, 2022

What do you do when you don't feel like doing anything? Whenever you look where you look, you only see sadness and desolation. We never think of a global pandemic. We never think of a war in the middle of 2022. In the year of a metaverse that will serve to br…


About Ukraine - Newsletter February 25, 2022

"War is a place where the young kill one another without knowing or hating each other, because of the decision of old people who know and hate each other, without killing each other" - Erich Hartmann


A World Without Instagram? - Newsletter February 18, 2022

We have a new logo! Do you like it? Let's dive into the letter! We have a lot to cover today! :DCan you imagine an existence without entering Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, or TikTok? Why does it sound like an episode of 'Black Mirror'?At some point betw…


Technology Should Serve Humanity- Newsletter February 11, 2022

The 21st century brought with it a more awake generation, it was possible to lay bare a society that had lived too far from inequality. Today we human beings can define ourselves by the demands that form the backbone of our personal and collective struggles.O…


Never Doubt The Power of The Human Being - Newsletter February 04, 2022

Life is an infinite mix of cycles that never have a circular shape.The worldwide sale of computers was plummeting in the two years prior to the start of the global pandemic. This week, in a historic recovery, the vast majority of tech brands have published so…


Press Play - Newsletter January 28, 2022

One of the pandemic-related memes to emerge from pop culture is the one that shows 2020 and 2021 as two identical years. replicas. In other words, it looks like the world hit the pause button. Or, at least, he was forced to.There is also another Meme for 2022…


My Bitcoin Prediction Was Right- Newsletter January 21, 2022

Just at the beginning of this new year, I was at a dinner with some friends, and as the topics of conversation were ending, the countdown to The Question also began: “So… what have you done during the lockdown?”In the case of Astrid [my roommate's fictional n…


It's up to you - Newsletter January 14, 2022

There is no party without the day after. No hangover, emotional or physical. No glasses throughout the house and three hours of a thorough cleaning to get everything back in order. You can take the month of January as that day after the party. With a headache…


A new beginning - Newsletter January 07, 2022

Good morning everyone! Happy first Friday of the year. This is what I've been waiting for. Welcome to the first newsletter of the year. I hope you had a really great Holiday. But now, it's time to get things done! New Year means the perfect opportunity to ful…