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Apple Event: Here we go again! - Newsletter March 02, 2022

The Edition
The Edition with JuanSC

What do you do when you don’t feel like doing anything? Whenever you look where you look, you only see sadness and desolation. We never think of a global pandemic. We never think of a war in the middle of 2022. In the year of a metaverse that will serve to break down borders and connect us on another level. How do you face your day-to-day with the current social context? Putting your own grain of sand. Sending messages of peace, conciliation, and solidarity.
Let’s help us. Let’s build. Let’s connect.
The Edition
The conversation about the metaverse is on the table. And although it was Zuckerberg who introduced it to the mainstream, all the big tech companies have been working on both virtual and parallel reality for some time.
The new ecosystem of the metaverse will mean a global transformation. But they will be irregular changes since each top company is applying its own philosophy. That is to say, both the rhythm and the depth of the incursion are and will be variable.
To understand this dichotomy, we can look at the differences between Meta and Microsoft. While the former aims to speed up time to market for Oculus’ Quest 2 headset, Nadella’s company is sticking to 3D avatars, virtual environments, and tools in apps like Teams.
Further away from the great focuses of the metaverse, the future of Apple continues to be outlined. A horizon that also passes through that augmented reality that they planted long ago. For example, in the Keynote where the distant iPhone 6S was presented. Hardware improvements such as the LiDAR sensor are what show us its philosophy: to give the user more information and context about what we already have.
We thought that Mark Zuckerberg’s metaverse was looking for deep and just playful immersion. A virtual reality that would serve as a method of escape from the reality that surrounds us (and that today is a little cruder). Fortunately, we were wrong. Inside the lab was the event Meta needed. A presentation that helped to better understand what this metaverse will be like and, above all, how Artificial Intelligence can be applied to it. For example, Builder Bot is an AI system that will be used to build virtual worlds through voice commands.
But if there were two tools that will help build a conciliatory and open metaverse for all cultures, they were Language Left Behind and Universal Speech Translator. As can be seen from their own naming, they are AI systems capable of translating all written and spoken languages. A way to “tear down barriers” at a time when some want to build them to separate us.
This week we also got to know the PlayStation VR2 virtual reality glasses. At last, we could see its design featuring spheres and circles. A helmet with an infrared camera for eye-by-eye tracking, 4K screens with refresh rates of 90 and 120 Hz, a motion sensor, and a proximity sensor. In addition, connectivity will be much more comfortable through the USB-C cable. Surely the Sony device will help further democratize the virtual reality goggles market.
About The Apple Event
Without anticipating events, the truth is that expectations are really high for the event this March. An event that, for now, will maintain a virtual format in which, in addition to being able to see Apple Park in all its splendor, the rain of news will begin.
In the following, not one, not two… three stories!, we talk about absolutely everything we expect for next Tuesday’s event, and not only that but for the rest of 2022.
Here we go again!!!
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See you next Tuesday with a Special Edition of The Edition (right after the Keynote is over). By the way, I’ll be posting the event live from Twitter.
Stay tuned!
The World Edition
Here are the top 3 most relevant stories of the week.
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Why Apple’s Fight in the Netherlands Matters - The New York Times
See you next week. Have a wonderful weekend. Peace.
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