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Bi-Weekly newsletter from Journalings Of Sporring - Issue #3

So it's time for my third edition! I'm actually loving to put it together and developing it. Tell you

Musings from Journalings Of Sporring

July 24 · Issue #3 · View online
A Journalings of stuff that caught my eyes, ears and taste buds the past two weeks

So it’s time for my third edition! I’m actually loving to put it together and developing it. Tell your friend about, sharing is caring! (lets reclaim that!!)

Journalings of thoughts
  1. Is it correct to call it a newsletter when it’s not ‘new’ per se?
  2. Life goes on even we’re struggling with the threat of Covid-19, what has changed in your life? And will your life be the same in let’s say 2 years time?
  3. Still pondering on my domain name, should I change it?
  4. New name from next issue: Musings from Journalings of Sporring
Journalings of producthunt
Introducing a new section that will be interesting to see how it comes around, from the next issue!
Journalings of links
Screen Share: A College Teacher’s Zoom Journal
How Facebook Squashed Twitter
The Poison on Facebook and Twitter Is Still Spreading
Woodrow Wilson Was Even More Racist Than You Thought
Trump Rage-Quits Fox News After Network Shows Him Trailing Joe Biden In Polls
Journalings of foodies
A superdelish Gazpacho soup
(not my own recipe but so yummy)
Temperatures are rising and the sun is shining more than ever, which could only mean one thing: gazpacho season is upon us. We’re celebrating with this heirloom tomato recipe that’s packed with red and orange vegetables such as peppers and carrots. 
Not only does this warm spectrum deliver a big dose of vitamin A for stronger bones and cell growth, but when blended with heart- and brain-boosting extra virgin olive oil, delicious garlic and fragrant basil, it’s like having a spoonful of preventative medicine. 

Leave it to this chilled-out mélange to remind us to stay cool this summer.
4 heirloom tomatoes 
1 large English cucumber
1 yellow or orange pepper
½ a medium-sized red onion
2 medium carrots 
1 ½ tsp of salt
2 tsp of garlic, puréed
½ cup of olive oil
¼ cup of sherry vinegar
1 tbsp of lemon juice
1 cup of water
Optional toppings: chives, parsley, cilantro, cream, pine nuts, etc.
Wash and chop all of the produce. 
Add your tomatoes, cucumber, pepper, red onion and carrots to a bowl. 
Add salt and toss everything together. 
Put your bowl in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes.
Add your veggies to the blender with your olive oil, sherry vinegar, garlic and lemon juice. 
Blend the vegetables together to liquify.
Add the blend to a large bowl and put in the refrigerator for at least one hour.
Remove from the refrigerator and add salt and pepper as needed. 
Journalings of Instagram
Getting back to running, oh such a joy!
Getting back to running, oh such a joy!
My orange Hibiscus finally blossomed again!
My orange Hibiscus finally blossomed again!
Writing sessions in the library! (My former workplace)
Writing sessions in the library! (My former workplace)
Inspirational quotes are important for me
Inspirational quotes are important for me
Journalings of Youtube
Yes she's back! Kygo, Tina Turner - What's Love Got to Do with It
A pastiche composed by Carl Christiansson (he's a son to one my friends from my music educations
Damn!!! Jake & Chau WOD 2020
Creepy and sad: nbred Family-The Whitakers
Journalings of the end
I wrote an article on Medium, and it was long awaited

Never give up on learning new things | by Anders Sporring | Jul, 2020 | Medium
Jurnailings of PS
Y'all thought this was the end right? Well I leave you with some wise words of HH Dalai Lama
“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.”
― The Dalai Lama
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