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Wasted Experiences 🗑️♻️

Wasted Experiences 🗑️♻️
By Jamie Lim Yin Yin • Issue #49 • View online
Hi friends!
As I settle into my new job and juggle my side hustle, I’ve been reflecting through my life and career path so far. I keep wondering, am I really happy at where I am in life now? Could I be in a better place now if I didn’t spend my youth ‘wasting’ time?
Career wise, I’ve moved so much horizontally, and prioritised growing my breath of knowledge, instead of doubling down and specialising in one domain area. Of course, this cost me promotions (and money 💸) as I kept changing roles.
The way I look at it is that the choices I made may have ‘slowed me down’, but my ‘jack of all trades’ experience actually landed me in my current work role now. The result of my choices have also showed me what I DON’T like to do and provided me more direction in what I actually want to do in life.
Some questions I have constantly been asking myself over time:
  • What am I willing to ‘suffer’ for?
  • What feels fun?
  • Does the overall experience help me gain new skills that could be used to help me in my journey towards building an audience / financial freedom?
  • Does it make me feel happy?
The answer for everyone is different, but for me - content creation is the space that ticks all the boxes and makes me happy. Most of you don’t know this, but I absolutely love playing sports, and one of my dreams was to be a national athlete representing Singapore (but sadly that dream has sailed ⛵ as I continue to age).
I haven’t particularly felt the same way about anything else, until I started creating content. Don’t get me wrong, content creation is TOUGH, and requires a ton of hard work and consistency, but I’m willing to ‘suffer’ through it! It hit me that day when I was creating a video that I was having so much fun, it really didn’t feel like work at all.
So really, the answer to my question of ‘ could I be in a better place now’ - is both yes and no.
Yes, because no matter what, when I look back - I obviously know what I could have done to have ‘propel’ my journey forward, and I would be much more ‘successful’ now.
However, no regrets because everything that has happened to me has led me to this very point in my life. I’ve changed my perspective to view each experience not as a ‘waste’, but rather - a learning experience, and a pointer in the right direction. So, think of it like a recycling bin and re-use the experiences to your advantage !
Till next week!

My Favourite Thing This Week 💛
YouTube Video - DOPAMINE DETOX, How To Take Back Control Over Your Life by Niklas Christl
Our attention span is getting shorter by the minute. As humans, we are getting more and more impatient - we want more, faster. This leads us to look for ways to be ‘satisfied’ by getting hit by waves of dopamine. You guessed it, it’s what social media companies use to keep you hooked onto their website or content!
Came across this video which blew up - basically this content creator Niklas cut himself off from social media for 1 week and he shares his journey with us - at the end of the experiment, there definitely were benefits of doing this, and stepping away from screens / social media etc.
I’ve done something like this the past, where I’ve stayed off Instagram for 1 month. It was difficult, but I felt the benefits once I got over feeling the jittery urge to open the app to see what my friends were up to. I spent the extra time reading and just taking a step back to breathe.
I have permanently deleted the Facebook app from my phone and have been spending a lot less time on Instagram. This is a little hard for me to do so for YouTube and Tiktok as I’m constantly creating content to post, and need to regularly check my analytics. Hey, it could be an excuse but maybe I’ll do this one of these days to reap the benefits of a dopamine detox!
Video Of The Week 🎥
The Life Changing Productivity Hack I Use #shorts
The Life Changing Productivity Hack I Use #shorts
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Kindle Highlight Of The Week 📖
Listening, and being empathetic to people's needs is such an important life skill!
Listening, and being empathetic to people's needs is such an important life skill!
Photo Of The Week 📷
Doggy Paparazzi: Maple Mei Mei with Nacho & Brownie Kor Kor (or Uncles?!)
Doggy Paparazzi: Maple Mei Mei with Nacho & Brownie Kor Kor (or Uncles?!)
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