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The Possibility Mindset 🚀

The Possibility Mindset 🚀
By Jamie Lim Yin Yin • Issue #29 • View online
Hi friends!
I’ve just completed the Part-Time Youtuber course that my favourite YouTuber Ali Abdaal ran for 4 weeks! I’ve learnt a ton of new things and made friends with bunch of folks from the community. Producing a YouTube video takes a lot of hardwork and effort (you’d be surprised), so it’s nice to meet fellow YouTubers who understand what I’m going through. I’m approaching YouTube as a business opportunity, and am definitely enjoying the grind. I’m glad I finally started! So why only take the plunge now?
I kept telling myself: I’ll start youtube soon. That was 2 years ago. Why? Besides battling Perfectionism Paralysis , I was also really doubtful of myself and of my ‘competition’. ‘The market is already so saturated, why would people watch my stuff? How is my content original? I’m never going to make it, competition is too tough.
But this changed, when I shifted my perspective to having a possibility mindset, rather than a competition mindset. Instead of worrying about others and what they were doing, and how they were going to outdo me - I started to focus on myself, and on what unique value I could bring to the table.
When I look at YouTube, I now see a world of possibilities. I see the chance of being able to leverage this platform to reach and help people whom I may not ever meet with physically. I see a possible business where I could eventually earn passive income from. I see the possibility of opening doors to meeting new friends who share the same interest so that we can connect and grow together.
Embrace the possibility mindset. Take a stab at what you’ve always wanted to do. Keep at it, and don’t refrain from doing something, just because the naysayers say you can’t.
Don’t wait. I waited for 2 years with the nagging feeling in my mind, and I wish that I started this earlier. You’ll always be scared, but regret is a far worse emotion to have than fear.
If it doesn’t work out- I guarantee that you’ll still be able to get something out of the experience. It may not be the exact outcome you were looking for, but I guarantee it’ll still be worth it.
“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars" - Norman Vincent Peale
Till next week!

My Favourite Things This Week 💛
As most of you know, I have a fascination for learning - whether it’s improving my learning ability (how to learn), or just learning new things (I just picked up my first cruiser skateboard!) - I’m always up for hearing more about it.
When it comes to learning any skill faster - it’s broken down into these 3 elements:
1. Deliberate Practice with a specific goal in mind
You have to set aside time with the intent to ‘practice’ whatever skill you want to hone. For example, I set aside time for exercise on certain days, or once a week, I set aside time to finish writing up my newsletter (and I’ve actually been getting faster at it!).
2. Identify the most important sub-skills (in whichever field you are interested in)
Basically ensuring that you have a solid foundation for the topic at hand. If you’re doing something wrong fundamentally, you are going to develop bad habits that will continue to grow and they are super difficult to get rid of! That is why - whenever I learn something new, I always get a coach to teach me the basics, because I want to get it right from the start!
3. Imitate, assimilate, innovate.
Find folks you want to learn from and imitate them. Take notes. Observe and absorb. Most importantly, try to do it yourself! The innovation will come naturally because as much as you try to copy the other person, you are not them. Along the way, you will develop your own sort of style, so don’t be afraid that you are ‘copying’ off someone - it will not be the same.
There are no unique messages, only unique messengers
Came across this interesting article about how millennials want mentors not managers.
A classic millennial (people born between the 1980s and 2000s) — is hungry to learn and grow, and is driven to work hard for their success and personal development. They want to be inspired; they ache to feel fulfilled.
They want to meet new people, learn new skills and find a deeper meaning in their work. They want mentors who inspire and challenge them, who guide and coach them, who instill in them a greater sense of purpose.
Perhaps I’m already lucky to be at an organization where my managers essentially feel like my mentors (for work stuff anyway!) Empowerment? Tick. Guidance? Tick. Support? Tick.
I suppose I’m also lucky that I truly enjoy myself in my current role because the work resonates with my why.
But I’ve heard people talk about how millennials are being too fussy about their jobs - but gone are the days of old where you had to stick to one job for the longest time ever. Job hopping is not frowned upon, especially if you can justify why you’ve made a move (which could potentially improve your career, or let you explore a path you’d really enjoy.) I’ve made moves in my careers that supported my personal growth, but not my climb on the corporate ladder. But it’s a decision that I’m at peace with, because the work is just so fulfilling.
Honestly, life is seriously short. Why do you want to spend time being miserable at a job you don’t enjoy (whether it’s because of the culture, or the nature of the work?)
Infographic taken from Work Rules! by Lazlo Bock. We literally spend 1/3rd of our day sleeping, and 1/3rd of it at work.
Infographic taken from Work Rules! by Lazlo Bock. We literally spend 1/3rd of our day sleeping, and 1/3rd of it at work.
‘We spend more time working than doing anything else in life. It’s not right that the experience of work should be so demotivating and dehumanizing.’ - Laszlo Bock
Keep searching for something that’s fulfilling and can bring meaning to your life so you don’t feel like you’re wasting 1/3rd of your day away!
Video Of The Week 🎥
Are cover letters a waste of time? #shorts #youtubeshorts
Are cover letters a waste of time? #shorts #youtubeshorts
In this 1 minute video, I’ll clarify if cover letters are still truly needed in this day and age (2020) - and whether they still add value to your resume! Please watch it, and give it a like 👍🏽 and subscribe to my channel here if you haven’t yet done so! 🙏🏼
Kindle Highlight Of The Week 📖
Don't think this is just a millennial thing after all! We just want live a happy life knowing that we have made some sort of impact on this earth! :)
Don't think this is just a millennial thing after all! We just want live a happy life knowing that we have made some sort of impact on this earth! :)
Photo Of The Week 📷
8th December 2020: My Mom's birthday with the family <3
8th December 2020: My Mom's birthday with the family <3
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