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So Good They Can't Ignore You 😏

So Good They Can't Ignore You 😏
By Jamie Lim Yin Yin • Issue #34 • View online
Hi friends!
I’ve always been a firm believer of ‘pursuing your passion’ to enjoy what you do - because honestly, life is too short to spend your days toiling away unhappily, with no sense for purpose or fulfillment.
I’m currently in an incredibly good place as my ‘why’ of helping students / millennials has somehow aligned in both my professional and personal life. I consider myself pretty lucky, but perhaps I came to this point in my career by “sheer dumb luck” ? (as said by Professor McGonagall 🧙🏻) Was it just a situation unique to my own circumstances?
For a few years now, I’ve been actively searching for the answer - how do I help folks pursue the stuff they love doing?
Came across an interesting book called ‘So Good They Can’t Ignore You’ by Cal Newport that completely debunked the advice of ‘following your passion’ when looking to develop a satisfying and meaningful career. He instead argues that passion is something you cultivate through hard work, and should not be the starting point in your quest for a satisfying career.
“Follow your passion” is bad advice if your goal is to end up loving what you do for a living. A more effective strategy is to work deliberately to develop rare and valuable skills, and then use the resulting “career capital” to shape your career into something that truly resonates.
I had so many insightful highlights in this book, but just wanted to share a few interesting bits!
Developing the craftsman mindset
The craftsman mindset focuses on what you can offer the world, the passion mindset focuses instead on what the world can offer you.
Put aside the question of whether your job is your true passion, and instead turn your focus toward becoming so good they can’t ignore you.
I’m constantly developing the craftsman mindset by sharing what I can with the world (via YouTube, my articles, and my newsletters), and getting better at what I do every single day at work! It’s really great that work and my hustle are somewhat interlinked, so I can keep improving on both aspects!
Having a mission
..her happiness comes from the fact that she built her career on a clear and compelling mission—something that not only gives meaning to her work but provides the energy needed to embrace life beyond the lab, it provides her a sense of purpose and energy, traits that have helped her avoid becoming a cynical academic and instead embrace her work with enthusiasm.
Her mission is the foundation on which she builds love for what she does, and therefore it’s a career strategy we need to better understand.
My mission of helping students / millennials lead a happier and healthier life drives everything I do at work, or with my side hustles as it gives me a solid purpose!
Having the right attitude
Working right trumps finding the right work.
I quote Kevin Kelly’s advice of ‘Being enthusiastic is worth 25 IQ points’ all the time, because it’s so damn true. Work is (and has been) better with the right attitude!
I do resonate very much with Cal’s reasonings because my own path was somehow created in a similar way. Interestingly, I also feel like more doors have been opening up recently. I’m getting more connected with folks online and more opportunities have come my way! With this mindset, I’ve unknowingly been building serendipity, and knocking on doors instead of looking through windows :)
I think if anyone is interested in building a meaningful career (and life) - definitely take the time to read ‘So Good They Can’t Ignore You’. There are many more interesting insights I took away from this book, and it was really enlightening to see the ‘answer’ to this questions from a logical perspective. Highly, highly recommend it!
Till next week!

My Favourite Things This Week 💛
Book - Ready Player 2 by Ernest Cline
The sequel to one of my favourite books: Ready Player One (which I wrote about in one of my previous newsletters) - of course I immediately snapped it up and couldn’t stop reading it!
The story follows Wade Watts on his new adventure taking place just a few weeks after the events in the first book. A new race / quest unfolds, and of course, he has to race against time to solve it.
Thoughts? I definitely preferred the first book. This one, although interesting, still felt kinda rushed. The entire concept was interesting, but I couldn’t help but feel it was too similar to the previous book. Still lots of Pop Culture references to the 80s, but maybe I didn’t understand much of it because I was born in the 90s?
These kind of stories always fascinate me though. As someone who grew up loving video games, and after watching Sword Art Online (which happens to be my favourite anime with a similar concept to this book), I always wondered how it would be like to live my life out in the virtual world. It’s not without its risks of course, but the amount of wonder and joy you can experience in different worlds you love. Imagine being able to go snowboarding anytime of the year in the comfort of your own room, and actually feel the cold against your face?! I certainly hope to be able to experience this in the near future especially since tech is getting more and more advanced by the year!
If you loved the first book, it’s still definitely worth a read. I also enjoyed the first movie - so I wonder if Steven Spielberg will end up directing the second movie as well!
Article - The Fruits Of Friendship by David Perell
Thanks for being my stock footage image, friends :D
Thanks for being my stock footage image, friends :D
The algebra of a well-lived life puts friendship in the center of the equation.
Enlightening article by David Perell as usual. I’ve always considered friendships to be an important pillar in my life, and because I’ve always wanted to be really intentional about who I spend my time with, I try to keep my friendship circle like my vision for my body - strong and lean 😛.
On choosing your friends:
The mark of a great friend is somebody who believes in you, looks out for you, and has your best interests in mind. Those who give you honest feedback, even when the truth is hard to share and even harder to hear are worth their weight in gold.
Cultivating the chosen friendship:
When you speak with somebody at length, you realize that everybody — yes, everybody — faces a waterfall of challenges. In difficult moments, friends serve as guides. Through dialogue and feedback, they help us navigate the unknown, alleviate suffering, and dodge the bullets of everyday life.
Struggle and shared experiences are like fuel for friendship — especially novel, challenging, and unfamiliar ones — are the best way to foster tight bonds. Host a retreat. Travel with friends. Rent a car, start driving, and see where you end up. One close friend says that relationships, from friends to lovers, are only built once bodily fluids start flowing: tears, blood, sweat, and you know… whatever else.
Make your friend choices intentional:
Cultivating these life-long, work-centric friendships can come with tradeoffs. Building friendships doesn’t scale. On one hand, you want to build relationships with enough people, so that when you’re ready to start a company or recruit for an executive position, at least one person in your friend group will be able to join you. But on the other hand, deep time is the best way to build friendships, and there’s only so much time in the day.
Deep friendships take time, so choose carefully who you truly want to invest your time and energy in, especially in people who can help lift you up, and you them!
If you’ve made it to my phone book, you’re pretty much someone I consider important someway or another in my life. However, the quote below has also encouraged me to open up my circle to make the effort to network with more chosen peers:
“The mistake of youth is thinking that the mentors you need are older than you. That you should work on getting in a room with some powerful person because that’s going to change your life. It’s not true. What changes your life is your peers… The people you rise up with. They’re your power base. Not the person who’s already done it.”
So, who wants to grow and rise up together? :)
Video Of The Week 🎥
How to ACE that interview with the recruiter (FREE preparation template provided)
How to ACE that interview with the recruiter (FREE preparation template provided)
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Kindle Highlight Of The Week 📖
Quote taken from the latest book I binged :) I've always said, life is a video game - we've just got to figure out how to survive, level up and win the game of life!
Quote taken from the latest book I binged :) I've always said, life is a video game - we've just got to figure out how to survive, level up and win the game of life!
Photo Of The Week 📷
We matched the colours of Tuna and Uni for our very yummy omakase meal! Always so good to catch up with my favourite friends :)
We matched the colours of Tuna and Uni for our very yummy omakase meal! Always so good to catch up with my favourite friends :)
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