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Placing Intentional Picture Triggers 🖼️

Placing Intentional Picture Triggers 🖼️
By Jamie Lim Yin Yin • Issue #37 • View online
Hi friends!
For those celebrating, Happy Chinese 🐮 (NIU) Year!
I have to admit, I’ve been feeling little tired and demoralized on my YouTube journey as I haven’t exactly seen the traction I’d have liked. I’ve been struggling to keep up with my routine, especially since my batched videos have just run out (which means I need to film!)
The irony is, I’ve been reading a book called ‘The Motivation Myth’ by Jeff Haden - which honestly, was a little boring because I already pretty much knew most stuff in there and have been implementing these strategies in my life - but a timely reminder came my way.
Create reminders of your long-term goals.
Mental Fatigue makes you take the easy way out - even though the easy way almost always takes you the wrong way.
The solution is easy: Create tangible reminders designed to pull you back from the impulse brink.
I’ve been focusing SO much on the system and process I built out for myself - that I lost sight of the goal I had in mind. This was interesting for me because I consider myself as someone highly disciplined.
I remember in the past, when I was trying my best to lose weight and get fit, I would paste photo of my worst physical self in the toilet - just as a reminder never to let myself get back there. I also always had photos of the folks who are important to me in sight, because I love looking at them, and to remind myself of the people I hope to provide for.
So I’ve decided to to do the same this time. I’m going to create a photo reminder of what I hope to achieve with my goals - and paste it somewhere so I won’t lose sight of what’s important. Perhaps I’ll use it as my phone wallpaper so that I’ll never miss seeing it.
This week, I also happened to chance upon this video (which was produced by one of my colleagues back in the day) about a Singaporean family trying to defy brain cancer - and I was really inspired by it (and I ended up tearing).
Undiscovered Singaporean Stories like these are what I ultimately want to help eventually uncover, because I really think there is so much we still don’t know about, and we could all stand to learn, and love a little more.
Just before I was about to send this out, one of my favourite YouTubers Matt D'avella also posted this short video on perspectives - which really encouraged me to keep going !
Perhaps the world has a way of nudging me back on track! Do any of you have any other tips to help you stay focused on your goal, and keep you track? Do share!
Till next week!

My Favourite Things This Week 💛
Board Game - Santorini by Spin Master
Doesn't it really look like a Mini Santorini?
Doesn't it really look like a Mini Santorini?
Yes, another board game - and once again, it hits all my requirements! 1) Aesthetically pleasing 2) Fun 3) Easy to pick up
Santorini is an easy strategy game - think connect 4! It’s best played with 2 players, but up to 4 people can play. Each time you add one person the dynamics of the game change!
Rules are pretty simple and the replayability is AWESOME! There are some basic rules you have to follow, but each round you pit 2 Gods against each other to build, move and conquer to win the game!
Tons of Gods to choose from!
Tons of Gods to choose from!
There is also an expansion which I’m eyeing, but I’ve decided not to get it until I’ve exhausted my options with playing with the current Gods in the game!
It’s recently made it into the list of my favourite games, so if you’re a board game lover, I definitely highly recommend you get this in your collection!
Youtube Video / Song - Where We’re Going by NyaLi
NyaLi A.K.A Enya is legit one of the best singers I know! She’s just released a new song and music video called ‘Where We’re Going’ and really love her voice (duh) as well as the music direction with this one :) Remember watch it, and to like and subscribe! #supportlocaltalent
You can also check out some of her songs right here on spotify!
I’ve known Enya since secondary school days and I’ve always been in awe of her voice. I remember one time hearing her sing ‘Part of Your World’ from Disney’s Little Mermaid and I was just BLOWN AWAY by her voice! I’ve already pre-booked her to be my guest wedding singer in advance (thanks En 😏)
Super proud of her and her never-ending efforts of pursuing her dreams, and I truly admire the amount of hard work and tenacity she’s shown on her journey!
Video Of The Week 🎥
How to craft the PERFECT Student Resume (FREE Template provided!) #shorts #youtubeshort
How to craft the PERFECT Student Resume (FREE Template provided!) #shorts #youtubeshort
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Kindle Highlight Of The Week 📖
Photo Of The Week 📷
Caught up with my Godsis, Jess and Bestie @ Populas Cafe this week!
Caught up with my Godsis, Jess and Bestie @ Populas Cafe this week!
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