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My Random Question List 🧐

My Random Question List 🧐
By Jamie Lim Yin Yin • Issue #44 • View online
Hi friends!
Took the last week off from work. During the break, I managed to accomplish so many of the things I haven’t particularly made time for, which was really nice. Went for a few yoga classes, finished reading 3 books (and am determined to start taking and sharing more books notes to share on my newsletters and website).
I’ve also concluded that most productivity books are starting to sound the same to me (which points to the fact that I’m probably reading too much into the same genre) - but it also makes me feel like I have an overall sense of how to really be intentionally productive with my time to be able to live my life to the fullest!
In the recent weeks, I’ve been trying hard to increase my attention / concentration span when I’m working on a task. I’m challenging myself to do a task work without getting distracted by anything else because as we all know, it’s getting more and more difficult to master this habit when we live in a world full of notifications.
Ever get that feeling when you’re working hard on a task, and suddenly you JUST need to know how old Justin Bieber is, and who he is married to? Then you just break away and google it. You have your answer, but suddenly you’re also wondering why Ash Ketchum in Pokemon is still 10 years old!? … and this just happens to be the most interesting thing you NEED to know, right at this very moment. So the search continues, and that’s the instant gratification monkey that’s distracting you from doing the task you have at hand.
One of the insights I’ve picked up from the bookMake Time’ by Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky (ex-Googlers) is to make a random question list. Write out the questions that come to mind when you’re working on a task - it might even be stuff that’s important that you have to do later (picking up eggs during groceries etc) - doing this will prevent the interruption of the flow of your work.
My personal rule: hold off reading articles / watching videos I’m interested in until the end of the day. I’ll always save it to an ‘Input’ folder I have on Notion and will review it when have time. The fascinating thing is - after I go back to review the list, most stuff isn’t as interesting as I find it to be!
Concentration is a habit you have to train up, and it’ll really enable you to accomplish so much. Try this tip and hopefully it’ll help you be less distracted :)
Till the week after!

My Favourite Things This Week 💛
Starbucks - Nitro Cold Brew
This is totally my version of stout. You’d hardly see me pay for any starbucks coffee - but their Nitro Cold Brew is DA BOMB! The coffee is really cold and smooth - and I must say their presentation is really on point, it’s a nice treat for myself once in awhile!
Book - The Dip by Seth Godin
A short-ish read on learning when to quit, and when to stick with something.
Stick with the good stuff, quit the bad stuff and have the guts to do one or the other.
The Magic of Strategic Quitting
The Magic of Strategic Quitting
Strategic quitting is the secret to success, however, most people do just the opposite, reactive quitting. There are two curves that define almost any situation facing you as you try to accomplish something.
Curve #1. “The Dip” almost everything in life worth doing is controlled by the dip. When you first start something, it’s fun. The dip is the long slog between starting and mastery. The dip is the long slog between beginners luck and being an expert. It’s the set of artificial screening filters set up to keep people out.
Curve #2. “Cul-de-sac” is French for “dead end”. A dead-end doesn’t get a lot worse and doesn’t get a lot better, it just is. When you find a dead-end you need to get out fast because it’s preventing you from doing something else. The opportunity cost of investing your life in something that’s not going to get better is just too high. 
That’s it! Two big curves. Stick with the dips that are likely to pan out, and get out of the cul-de-sacs to focus your resources. 
Curve #3: “The Cliff”. Cigarettes are a marketer’s dream because the longer you smoke the more addictive it becomes and the harder quitting is…until you hit a cliff, and simply fall off.
If something is worth doing there is probably a dip. The dip creates scarcity, scarcity creates value.
The biggest obstacle to our success in life is our inability to quit the cul-de-sacs and cliffs quickly enough. What’s the point of sticking it out if you’re not going to enjoy the benefits of being the best in the world? Are you significantly over investing in time and money to give yourself a chance to dominate your market? If you don’t have enough time and money, do you have the guts to pick a smaller market to conquer?
The people who invest the time, the energy and the money to power through the dip are the ones who become the best in the world.
Kindle Highlight Of The Week 📖
Photo(s) Of The Week 📷
Can't believe it's been 2 years already! Thanks Tiff for being a great teammate, and all the best for your future adventures back in the US :)
Can't believe it's been 2 years already! Thanks Tiff for being a great teammate, and all the best for your future adventures back in the US :)
Finally got to meet Champion (Harlan) Kudus! Congrats Sabs and Kevin! And yes, I got a haircut post this photo.
Finally got to meet Champion (Harlan) Kudus! Congrats Sabs and Kevin! And yes, I got a haircut post this photo.
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